Information is key. Knowledge a need. Sharing is a tool – and in Denmark, the Federation of printers Grakom – has once more put a fantastic program together. Multiple simultaneous tracks with speakers talking about management, disruption, behavior – well – so many tracks and so little time. We at INKISH.TV has made a small voxpop from the event and will shortly follow up with interviews. Stay tuned.

0:49    What do you think about Grakomdagen so far?

0:52    I think it was some great input from the Minister, and also form Anette. Sheís always fun to hear. And, I think itís good to have, you know, some sort of understanding on whatís going on in the government, and also in the ring.

1:08    Until now, itís very good, interesting. Looking forward to the next.

1:14    It was very interesting to see our Minister. I think he has some very good ideas about how we can continue to have a business worldwide. We have a lot of years in the future, also.

1:25    As I expect it. So, I expected to meet a lot of people form the industry. So, that was the main part that I got here.

1:33    I like the Secretary of Commercial. He gave a very speech, and very nice.

2:05    Do you have any favourites for the afternoon session?

2:09    Well, Iím looking forward to hear the thing about Disruption. I think thatís a name we hear all the time. But, I look forward to hear what weíre going to hear about them. Also, Commercial.

2:24    Iím looking forward to see the changes in the industry. I canít remember what they call it in English, but thereís a trick, because from now, regarding the coming trends and Disruption image.

2:39    Yes, Iím going to Disruption. And, there are two different speakers, and theyíre two times Disruption, and Iím looking forward to that.

2:51    I think Iím supposed to be on Management 2.0 and for Disruption. And, Disruption is obviously a big password, so Iím looking forward to that. Also, the catch phrase about ìThe robots are coming.î So, hopefully Iíll get inspired there, as Iím a reseller. So, maybe Iíll also sell some robots in the future. I donít know.

3:12     Of course, Disruption. Those are both of the things we are going to see. So, thatís exciting.

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