It’s no secret that we at INKISH.TV really like to see new technology and to meet new people. At GraphExpo we met Roi Aldaag who is the man behind QRlead. Basically, QRlead is an extension to your business card and rather than placing a “standard” QR code, using the QRlead QR code, it opens up a new universe – but why not just listen to the guy who is responsible for QRlead – so here is Roi Aldaag – welcome!

0:08    QRLead is a dynamic extension of your static business card and email signature.

0:12    It is a marketing platform presenting your dynamic digital identity and profile across platforms.

0:16    We are here presenting in Graph Expo 2016, presenting our QRLead marketing platform, which is basically a marketing platform that turns every business card into means of marketing and promoting the corporate itself, not just the employee.

0:35    Is this something the market needs?

0:38    We believe so. We believe so. The thing is, when a person, an employee has a business card, the business card represent the employee himself only. Okay. When you get a business card from that person, you don’t know anything about the company, about its campaigns, about its promotions, about its products. You only know the contact information of that person. Now, this is like a wasted real estate, the card. Now, if you put a QR on it, and you scan it, then you have the opportunity of promoting the company, not just the employee itself. So, the company now can incentivize its employees to hand out their card, especially the sales persons and the marketing persons.

1:24    So it is an extension to a standard printed business card because you can add more information to it?

1:28 Yes. It’s not only more information, because many QR and V cards out there, it’s not just that.  It’s a lot more. It’s a whole marketing platform, because once you scan a business card, then you’ll be able to see the promotions and the marketing plans of that company. You can read about that company, you can get information out to reach the company directory, you can contact the other people through the card, you can see a map how to navigate their ñ browse through a catalogue of products, whatever the company wishes to present.

2:04    How has the market received your product?

2:09    The market, I think, to now has really liked it. We have many insurance companies and banks using it back in my country, and it appears to be ñ We have not planned it from the start, but people use it as a personal business card as well, not just for corporate. It’s a more corporate business to business oriented, but the market discovered it to be useful for people or personal uses, as well.

2:38    How do you distribute it? Where can you buy it?

2:43    So, there are a number of channels we distribute it. One channel is through the internet. It’s actually distributed through a card pack. A card pack is actually a package of cards. Instead of the cards being in the pocket, they get all folded, tripped on and torn, it comes this way. It has a special patent, not a perforation, but a technique which you can just pull the card outside, you see no perforation on it, and then you can hand it out, you can keep it in your pocket, and you’re never out of business cards. So, one way of getting the QRLead is ordering the card pack, and you get it as a bundle.

3:23    Is that then the main marketing channel?

3:26    The other marketing channels are distributors. Yes. Each printing shop which advertise can offer this to its customers. For example, if I’m just, you know, occasionally a customer that walks in in a printing shop, there is a little sign there, I scan a QR there, it’s a very short form and you’ve seen it before, in 30 seconds you get your own QR, your own indicator profile, and then you can decide either you keep it in your mobile phone and present it to people ñ send it via SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and so forth, or you can print it on business cards, on the envelopes, sign it, use it as a signature in the email, whichever you think is  best for you.

4:12    What do you think about Graph Expo?

4:15    It’s amazing. This place is huge. I don’t know if you can see from this video, but this is like a huge hangar. Huge hangar, with only very simple location here at the side, but it’s amazing to see all these people here and all these innovations, and it’s fun.