Reitoft welcomed Tobias Köngeter from Wirbelwild to INKISH. Köngeter introduced himself and his company, which he owns with his wife. In Southern Germany, Wirbelwild’s name is a play on the words ‘world wind’ and ‘wild.’ Köngeter explained that they started the company because they couldn’t find software to create highly individualized printing products, so they decided to develop it themselves.

Köngeter and his wife, both from creative backgrounds, found repetitive tasks in pre-press work, such as calendar layouts, boring and risky. They wanted software to handle complex and creative printing tasks that existing software like InDesign or QuarkXPress couldn’t manage. To achieve this, Köngeter learned programming, which allowed them to develop the necessary software and turn Wirbelwild into a company providing layout automation solutions.

Köngeter introduced ManyPrint Solutions, a cloud-based layout automation software that processes data dynamically without predefined templates. The system can import data from various sources, adapt layout rules dynamically, and produce outputs in multiple formats, including printing PDFs, InDesign files, HTML files, videos, and audio.

He explained that ManyPrint Solutions is open to various data inputs, flexible in layout generation, and versatile in output formats. He highlighted a product called the Running Diary, which generates personalized brochures with running route recommendations, maps, and individualized videos based on the user’s location.

Köngeter announced that Wirbelwild would exhibit at Drupa in Hall 8B, sharing a large stand with Konica Minolta. Visitors can see demonstrations of their products and their integration with Konica Minolta’s printing machines. Reitoft admired Köngeter’s achievements and planned to visit their booth at Drupa. Köngeter provided final details on their exhibition and expressed his excitement about showcasing their innovative solutions at Drupa.