It doesn’t happen SO often that INKISH makes films in our backyard, but it’s so nice when it happens. The first INKISH film was ALSO from Lasertryk in Denmark, but many things have changed. Back then, Xerox iGens were the workhorses of the time – now you see HP Indigo, the Canon iX3200, and, of course, the two Heidelberg XL106 – and a tonne of binding and finishing equipment.

In this film, Production Manager Morten Jespersen explains how the IX3200 fits into the production and when they choose to work with either of the technologies available. Great to be back, and it is always fun to see how companies develop with a combination of focused people and the right investments!

Here you can see the first INKISH film ever – also from Lasertryk 🙂

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10 Apr 2015