George Loayza is the President and CEO of American Non-Stop labels. His family-owned company operates out of California, and we met him at OMET’s booth during LabelExpo-Americas. One of the stories – shortened down, but here we go was. “What to do without production back up,” and before I could answer, he said he bought his second OMET machine – so there are always solutions, ladies and gentlemen!

Mon October 30th


Printing United 2023 · Erik Norman · Presid...

Erik Norman is the President of SwissQprint America, and besides that, he is also a VERY nice guy to talk to, which you can hear in this interview we did with him at PRINTING United. At the show, we spoke about technology, quality, ROI, repayment time, and how important it is to work with trustworthy people. We really like the SwissQprint technology - and combining all of the above with excellent technology - is absolutely worth exploring, right?