At PRINTING United Fujifilm, for the first time outside Japan, showed the new Revoria GC12500 – a B2 toner-based printer – aimed to conquer a certain B2 space in the industry and maybe even more open new doors for printing companies looking for alternatives to offset. The machine is quite big, but the operator area is easy to access within a few steps, and the machine can print on structured substrates (paper and synthetics), thin paper, and even cardboard, opening tons of new opportunities – and quality. Well, the quality is as good as it gets. When INKISH saw the machine for the first time at IGAS in Tokyo, samples could not be picked up or even examined closely, but now the samples can be checked in detail, and soon the machine will be available. Interesting to see how Fujifilm today delivers a full range of printing devices in the commercial space, from B3 digital printers to B2, to inkjet to continuous feed – a strategy that will be interesting for almost all segments in the commercial space. Super interesting. The interview is with Scott Mackie, General Manager, Fujifilm Asia Pacific – and always great listening to Scott Mackie – so listen and enjoy what you see and hear!