Direct mail is the third largest media channel in the UK after TV and digital, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. COVID has seen a great resurgence in brands turning to mail as a trusted way to communicate with clients whilst the majority of people are working from home. But COVID aside, why in this day and age should you still use direct mail as part of your marketing mix and how can you use print to communicate successfully? Join us for an interactive and fun session hosted by The Dragonfly Agency’s Managing Director, Isla Munro who will talk us through the agency process from receiving the original client brief to delivering an engaging mailpack through the letterbox. She will shine a focus on print technologies and opportunities which help to acquire and retain clients.

Mon December 11th

Ricoh PRO Z75 Walkthrough · Sander Sondaal ...

Today, Ricoh officially launched the new PRO Z75 to the market - a B2+ size water-based Inkjet printer. An amazing machine focusing on the Commercial print space, but with its print on substrates up to 600 microns, is also interesting for packaging printers. With 1200 x 1200 DPI and the ability to print up to 4500 sheets an hour, Ricoh has taken a huge step into the cut-sheet market with a machine that can compete with offset and toner-based printing. In this walkthrough, Sander Sondaal gives you an idea about how the machine has been built up and works - also with space for expansion in the future. All-in-all a super nice introduction to the PRO Z75. Thank you for having INKISH on-site with Realisaprint in Contes to learn and document :-)