LabelExpo is about machines, labels, samples, software, consumables, and, most importantly, people. At OMET’s booth, INKISH editor Morten B. Reitoft meets with President John McDowell from McDowell Label (Resource Label Group) and talks about the market, family, and of course, also OMET. John McDowell is a really nice guy, and we are sure you will like this interview. Tune in!

Sun December 3rd

Pat McGrew · President McGrew Group · NON...

The last presentation at this year's NON-EVENT23 was with Pat McGrew, who, based on chats with a couple of printers, gave an outlook for 2024 - with many good questions from the audience. Enjoy the presentation. Soon, you will also have an outlook for 2024 by editor Morten B. Reitoft - and as we are entering into a drupa year - much to expect :-)