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Bernhard Cantzler · New Role · Marketing &...

24 Aug 2023

Armand Schoonbrood · Mondi · COO Mondi Corr...

24 Apr 2023

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3 Nov 2020

Bernhard Cantzler · Over the Skype · MONDI

10 Jun 2020

Wed December 6th


Frederic Deliat · DS Smith · Operational Pr...

Frederic Deliat from DS Smith joined the BHS Open House earlier this year - and besides saying that each of DS Smith's plants can have different suppliers, he also told Editor Morten B. Reitoft that he is at the BHS Open House to see and experience the new BHS JetLiner. Interesting to see how BHS attracts many different people and how the Jetliner seems to be exciting for people to see at the Schumacher site :-)