Kevin Neureuter is the Director of Sales with manroland sheetfed USA and explains here why the Roland 700 Evolution series is a good fit for customers. He explains that the color pilot, the level of automation, and the undeniable growth in packaging are a good fit for manroland. As we are visiting Keystone Paper & Box, who recently invested in two machines – Kevin Neureuter is very convincing talking to. Enjoy!

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15 May 2023

Tue November 14th


First RICOH Pro VC80000 installation in Europ...

RICOH announced their new Pro VC80000 inkjet printer today, November 14th, 2023. Part of introducing new technology is using beta sites that are using the machine under certain conditions, reporting back to the vendor, having engineers on-site, and understanding the equipment from a PSP perspective. Christian Haneke is the Innovation & Solutions Manager at Sattler Media Group and has a deep knowledge of technology and its implementation. However, Sattler Media Group is a relatively new player in the digital print space, and the knowledge and experience from the group have influenced the development of the Pro VC80000 - so listen to the interview, and hopefully, you find it interesting!