The Mobile Revolution Formed · Oliver Kray · Founder & CEO

Six years ago, Oliver Kray got a vision. “Everything will be mobile”, and based on that vision, he founded, which today is one of the leading personalized postcard suppliers – and no, this is not in batches of ten, fifteen, or hundreds – this is in the counts of one. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to find printers who found this idea really great, but today MyPostcards is among the worlds biggest and with an office in both Berlin and New York today able to deliver individualized postcards globally.

Enjoy the story. This guy started only six years ago, but with the right go-to attitude and entrepreneurship, he got his vision into a thriving business.

But I saw the market for smartphones. This was my, my first impression or vision six years ago. I said to myself, Hey, in the future we will do everything by phone.

My postcard is an app where you can send your photos as real printed postcards worldwide. So it’s like, uh, basically for, vacation. Take a photo, write a text add the address, physical address, and we print and deliver worldwide.

Actually, I am focused on the consumer market. So, B2C. I also started in B to C, and yeah, my heart is more in the consumer, uh, and in front of the people. And I want to grow my business with B to C, B to B. For me; it’s more like thinking about money, thinking about to make big deals. Of course, we also do B2B2C, but this is like trigger mailing, integration and e-commerce API.

Sending programmatic or automatically postcards. But the main focus is on the consumer.

We have, you start with one, and this is also, uh, yeah, our USP. So especially in the B2B, we can start with one postcard. So, when we have a good day, so we send over 30,000 cards a day. So. I have a very good network worldwide, so I don’t mind if you send me two more or a hundred more thousand more.

No, uh, fortunately not. I’m not a specialist in printing, and I think everybody has to focus on their, yeah. On their, their things. What you are very good at. I’m more a marketer, I’m a more creative product manager, and I don’t want to spend my time in a printing facility and take care of, the, the quality.

I want to print only one piece of a postcard to, let’s say Melbourne. I need a printer who’s available tomorrow morning. And is ready to print one postcard. I mean, as you know, you have to print a sheet with a minimum of eight cards, eight cards. We are working with HP Indigo. So, it’s an act. I mean, it’s not like, Oh, we have one order at a potential.
We have one order. No, I mean, it’s more an operation thing, right? I mean, this is also what Amazon does. I mean, they started to deliver, uh, um. Only a few products in an area where they don’t have delivery, but they invested in the, in in the way of becoming this in the future.

Basically, it’s like you send a postcard and I check the zip code. And with the zip code? My system decided in a few seconds. Okay. Where do we want to print? We print a Melbourne and New York and Denver and Berlin. Denmark. Not yet, because they cannot talk to you any more than I can reach Denmark very quickly from Berlin.

So we print every day. So, the German post picks it up at 5:00 PM. Goes to the directly to the airport and you will reach the card will reach within next, I would say three to five business days.

We are working with print-ready PDFs. So we bring it directly to the FTP server, and we are from there. So they, so they take care of what printing machine it should be printed on and how it’s imposed in the, in the end. Of course, I check all the processes. I know, the machines. I know the paper. I guess you have some terms and status you need to, yeah.
So, I mean, we do it very professionally in different countries. We have different paper. And sometimes different machines, but mostly with HP. Yeah. In the end, it’s easy, but also complicated.

Yeah. Fortunately, this was a really hard start. I mean, I came up with the idea and then I figured out, Oh my God, it’s crazy, it’s only $2 product and, how I can grow business. Especially if from the perspective that your customer acquisition lifetime value, imagine, I mean, I almost have a dollar in profit from, from the product reinvest in your company. Right. Always. So, yeah, and I think that’s as part of the, being an entrepreneur, you always reinvest. I mean, if you really want something and you have passionate as crazy, and you can get it, it’s, if you calculate everything before you do something, you’ll never get anything.

Exactly. I mean, I don’t, I was very naive. I’m like, Hey, I can get it. And then, I mean, of course, I did it, the business plan and, researched the market. And I said, but I saw the market of smartphones. This was my, my first impression of vision six years ago. I say to myself, Hey, in the future we will do everything by phone.

So not only ordering a pizza and a cap. No. You do your emails; you do your scheduling, your calendar.

I fight for every customer from the beginning. It was at the beginning. I mean, I started as a one-man show on a side project. So I went out to, to the museums, to the Brandenburger tour in Berlin, and then, and I had flyers in my hands and wrote everybody, uh, who has a blog and tried to ask them, Hey, can you write about my postcard?

It was really, really hard to, to come to, so the first level was hard and then it started to be easier. Yes. Now it’s easier because I’m almost to the worldwide market leader in this business. We have big collaborations. Google maps, for example, it was Google, I’m speaking, was Googling in America. Um. Last year we took over, I would say, or we have a very big collaboration with the German post.

They also had a postcard service, but now we decided that they closed their business. And I take over it, too bad growing step-by-step. So, but it’s still hard work. I mean, the KPIs, if you can imagine when I have. So was this low, low margin product or $2 products? You can imagine. I have a lot of data, so I’m talking about KPIs all the time.

I mean, it’s all about the cent. It’s all about one or two orders.

I really love it, and I just came from New York, and I decided to come one day earlier so that I don’t have jet lag. So I really love the conference here. So they did a great job every time. I’m very happy and looking forward to coming here every year.