This time Print Sample TV’s Pat McGrew takes a look at a gorgeous sample printed on textile – polyester – but she is surprised since she has got it from a software company – Caldera, France. With the printed textile Caldera is, however, able to showcase many their offerings – enjoy Pat McGrew and her very lovely printed textile.

Pat McGrew appears courtesy of Keypoint Intelligence

Hi, I’m Pat McGrew, and this is Print Sample TV. Welcome back to another snippet of things that we find at shows and with vendors and with printers from around the world. So this is an unusual episode because we’re focusing on something that is a print sample from a software company, and we don’t do that a lot. But this time I wanted to share this.

Now this is a piece of digitally printed textile, in this case it’s a polyester, and it’s very nicely done. The software technology is from Caldera, and you may know Caldera as a provider in the wide-format space. You may know them for their color management solutions. You may know them for a wide range of things that they’re involved in, and the partnerships that they have. But I thought it was really interesting that they chose to create something as a giveaway to people who visit them, that really shows off a number of the things that they do well. Of course, they do color management very well, and if you look at this, it’s very nicely color managed.

Now the interesting thing is when they gave it to me, they said, “Well you know, this one is just on polyester but we also have versions that were printed on silk.” So if you’re developing print samples, if you’re in the digital textile industry or if you’re looking to move into that space, or if you have software that supports that space, one of the things you want to start to think about is how it is you’re going to differentiate your sample story. I think that Caldera did a really nice job of that.

There’s nothing magic about the design. It’s a very nice design. It’s very geometric. It shows a lot of interesting color crossover. It shows some nice, deep and rich hues, but it tells the story of what Caldera is all about.

So if you’re doing print samples, think about Caldera. Think about digital textiles and think about the things that they might do to help you tell a story. I’m Pat McGrew, and this is Print Sample TV.

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