In this Print Sample TV episode, your host Pat McGrew talk about the ’19 Crimes” wine labels that use Augmented Reality to sell. One thing is the actual Augmented Reality experience, second is the fact that a wine label incorporate this new exciting technology but maybe most fantastic is the fact that Treasury Wine Estates who produce the wine has got tremendous coverage in media from Forbes to almost every media in the printing industry and of course also here on Print Sample TV.

A personal note from Editor Morten Reitoft – the wine is actually also good but probably hyped more because of the great story, the 19 real criminals and the user experience from the AR app.

Great example and we love here at Print Sample TV.

Hi, I’m Pat McGrew. Welcome back to Print Sample TV. The snippet today is a little bit interesting, because it’s drinkable.

This time we’re going to be talking about Living Wine Labels. It’s an interesting concept. We’ve known for some time that people who produce labels have been intrigued by what you could do with augmented reality. We’ve seen augmented reality used for magazine covers, even magazine interiors. We’ve seen it used in educational books, to help highlight different educational concepts. We know that when it comes to labels, there’s an awful lot of opportunity. It can be as mundane as telling you how to take a drug that’s prescribed by your doctor, and as unique of the story of 19 crimes.

So, this is wine, produced in Australia. We know Australian red wines are always really excellent. They needed to do something to make their story just a little bit different, so they partnered with the folks at Tactic, and they created Living Wine Labels. Each one of these 19 Crimes labels is actually empowered by augmented reality, but the Living Wine Label app, that you can get on your phone.

It will tell you the story of the gentleman on the label. These are not fictional people. These are actual people, who were convicted of one of 19 crimes that could get you sent from the UK to Australia. It’s an interesting look at history. It’s an interesting use of augmented reality. It’s an interesting way to create something quite differentiated, for a bottle of wine.

You might say, “Yeah, but who really cares about an app and telling a story on a wine label?” My local liquor distributor, where I went and bought my two bottles of wine, I actually have two of them. He says that he can’t keep this on the shelf, because people keep coming in, looking for the ones that they don’t have. He was delighted to find out that the Living Wine Labels is being expanded, and in the next run, we will have Zombie Wine. Each one of the zombies will have a story to tell.

I can see a long and lustrous history for Living Wine Labels, because this is engaging. It uses a print technology and augmented reality technology to do something that’s just a little bit different, a little bit fun. So if you are someone who produces anything with a label, if you’re a label producer, this would be a great time to start looking around for an augmented reality partner. Might give you something different to sell and a way to differentiate yourself.

I’m Pat McGrew. This is Print Sample TV. We hope you’ll come back for another addition.

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