CEO and Owner Valdas Bukšnys has quite a different background from most printers we have met. Before establishing his company, Printela, in Kaunas, Lithuania, he was a double-bass player in a national orchestra touring Europe as a professional musician. Now the owner of a very successful company, Printela, is not only “conducting” a different type of “musicians” but has taken chances investing in technology nobody before him in Lithuania. Bukšnys shook hands with all his employees as we went through the production, and as we talked, I realized that Bukšnys seemed to be a personal leader leading the company with the right people, focusing and trusting his gut feelings, and less (way less) spreadsheets. A super interesting company that, since its origin, has decided to focus on 100% digital production of labels and pouches. Valdas Bukšnys believes greatly in the future, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he reaches his objective of being twice the size in a few years’ time – as planned. The equipment Printela use is fra HP, GM, Karlville, and Cartes, workhorses in the label/flexible industry! Enjoy the film!

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