This is the un-edited LIVE feed from Printing United Day 1, October 23rd 2019. Over the next week or so each interview will be cut and re-posted, so it’s easier to find what interests you. Below you can find the apprx. times for each interview!

9:17 Introduction with Tonya Powers
16:20 Interview with Michael Poulin
28:55 Interview Perry Fernandez from PCI
47:31 Print Sample TV LIVE with Pat McGrew
1:10:20 Interview with Jeff Sarringar
1:22:48 Interview with Jane Nerf
1:34:52 Interview with Lucy Perez-Sierra
1:46:00 Interview with Tonya Powers and rounding up the LIVE broadcast.

Mon October 30th


Printing United 2023 · Erik Norman · Presid...

Erik Norman is the President of SwissQprint America, and besides that, he is also a VERY nice guy to talk to, which you can hear in this interview we did with him at PRINTING United. At the show, we spoke about technology, quality, ROI, repayment time, and how important it is to work with trustworthy people. We really like the SwissQprint technology - and combining all of the above with excellent technology - is absolutely worth exploring, right?