Visiting vendors is always fun, and when we went to Israel, we got two great opportunities: to speak with Gershon Alon and Golan Landsberg – straight from the HP V12 lab outside Tel Aviv in Israel. In this short interview with Gershon Alon, we get his view on how HP PrintOS supports the industry’s megatrends – and yes, the trends are also what we see wherever your hardworking INKISH team is! More jobs, shorter jobs, and more customized jobs. The trend is apparent within almost every segment of the industry. HP PrintOS is a great software that enables printers to optimize print production, and as Gershon Alon explains, the software is vendor agnostic. Vendors like Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, EFI, and Kodak already integrates with HP PrintOS.



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10 Dec 2021