Full Service provider Prisma uses Hunkeler · Kerry LaBatt · Prisma Graphic

Kerry Labatt has been with Prisma Graphic in Phoenix for years but with five different positions/roles and has thrived with the company’s growth. Visiting Prisma Graphic is truly interesting – the shielding between the entrance and reception area to the customer service people is one long arc with super nice samples of print done by Prisma Graphic – and they are GOOD. The company excels in several types of print, from offset to web-offset, to various types of digital print from inkjet to toner, and the facility is WELL laid out. We are visiting Prisma Graphic as they use Hunkeler equipment and their Screen 520 Truejet device – and Hunkeler kindly sponsored this film.

Super nice company, and great to see a company that keeps investing in technology. In the film, you will learn how Kerry Labatt sees investments and when the time is right to do new ones! Enjoy!