Komori is celebrating its centennial this year—a monumental achievement! It’s difficult for me to recall events from a decade ago, let alone a century. Many companies in the industry are marking their 100th anniversaries this year.

Last year was significant, but this year stands out because many companies we discuss today, including Komori, are turning a century old. Despite this, our industry feels as vibrant as ever. Reporting live from Printing United at Komori’s booth, there’s a palpable blend of history and present-day innovation.

Remember when MBO was acquired by Komori a few years ago? Here, you can witness the synergy of the post-press alliance—finishing partners coming together to offer comprehensive solutions. For instance, a setup combines MBO’s folding capabilities with Hooner’s stitching, topped off by the impressive CoboStack robot that perfectly arranges finished products on a pallet.

Komori’s Lithrone printing machines, used by thousands worldwide, remain at the forefront of technology, continually pushing the envelope in automation.

A recurring theme at trade shows recently, including this year, is the emphasis on automation. It’s about streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and cutting costs. However, post-COVID, automation also addresses the challenge of finding skilled labor. It’s fascinating how the narrative has shifted.

As I ponder the future, I can only imagine what the 103rd edition of Printing United might showcase. Perhaps Komori will still be at the forefront? What will production look like then? The possibilities are thrilling. This is Morten Reitoft from INKISH TV, signing off from Printing United in Atlanta.