Is it at all possible to print “meat”? Most probably disagree that it is possible; nevertheless, this is precisely what Redefine Meat is all about! Think of meat as layers of complex structure crafted from muscle, fat, and blood, and if you can recreate the structures and replace the animal components with plant-based, you get something that not only looks like meat but have taste, texture, and feel like meat. Take that from a meat-lover. Redefine Meat is a successful startup in Tel Aviv founded by Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, supported by venture capital, and with Alon Bar-Shany as chairman, a new success is established. We got the chance to visit the lab/office in Tel Aviv and neighboring Stratasys, HP, and many other Israeli tech companies; we believe that Redefine Meat not only redefines the meat industry but how we will see food in the future!

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