Rita Estevinha Silva is a 21-years young woman living in Portugal. She is studying design and has been an intern in a printing company in a small town for the past nine months. Rita Estevinha Silva sees herself and other 21-years in the role of ‘constructing’ the future. Now Rita Estevinha Silva is a voice here on INKISH. Rita Estevinha Silva won the Young Talents Award a couple of weeks ago – and the win came as a surprise. In this INKISH episode, you can learn more – not only about the winning but an actual Gen-Z talking. Editor Morten B. Reitoft will do a follow-up article as so many people talk about Millenials and Gen-Z. Still, nobody listens or gives the younger generations media space when the opportunity is there. The Young Talents Award attracted numerous people, but unfortunately, for the great idea, Intergraf has no audience; nobody enters into the necessary dialog.

You can read more about (and be careful not to wear shoes, as this is a toe-wrecking example of bad campaign and communication) at .

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