DE Edition
Roularta Media Group is a Belgium-based publishing group publishing magazines and news, delivering digitally, making TV, and supporting local and international brands. Roularta is also involved in the printing industry as the group publishes Grafisch Nieuws – but it’s also a huge printing company with dedicated objectives of achieving considerable CO2 reductions. As CEO Steven Renders explains, CO2 reductions get harder and harder as the company obviously looks for the easiest targets first. One of these targets was the dryers on Roularta’s web-offset presses – they realized that new Contiweb gas dryers could not only use less energy but also considerably reduce the CO2 emissions – so with that, Roularta exchanged all the heaters on their presses, and now the happy owners of three new Contiweb gas-dryers. Roularta is a very automated printing company with clear strategies that enable it to grow, reduce its carbon footprint, and develop more print business through its unique business models. This is a VERY good film to learn from we believe!