AlphaGraphics Sandy is one of the bigger franchises of AlphaGraphics – and in this film, we talk to the  Owner and president, Andy Selcho, about the advantages of being part of AlphaGraphics. Andy Selcho’s father started AlphaGraphics Sandy, and though it wasn’t the plan at first to have Andy Selcho take over, it became increasingly the plan – and today, Andy Selcho runs the Sandy division with many different technologies and services. In the film, we talk about the history. Still, also about current time and the future – we even get time to visit a customer, showing how many different technologies and applications AlphaGraphics Sandy can deliver. This is our first visit to a franchise company in the industry, so we are very excited about the story and the drive that Andy Selcho and his employees deliver. We contacted AlphaGraphics Sandy due to an unfortunate cancellation on one of our US trips. As we knew Director of Operations Paul Gardner from previous visits to Salt Lake City – a connection was established. We hope you like the story, and if you have great stories to share – feel free to reach out. We often have opportunities to do editorials like this – thank you for your support!