Most printers are looking for ways to increase their productivity and with software from US-based OpenSoft, the chances have become greater. DaVinci is a software where customers can preview their designs with varnishes and foils. Really cool. OpenSoft is also the developers of Scissorhands – a unique software to increase productivity on your guillotine.

At Argos Inspiration Days in Brussels, we got a chance to talk to Eric Ninane who is the Sales Manager of OpenSoft in Europe.


It’s an American company, owned by Brett Heap who is the owner and the founder of the company. Opensoft is a part of FarHeap Group that’s means we are focusing on software development and we are selling software. It’s quite well-known in America. And now we are starting also in Europe. I’m working with my friend [Claus-Peter 00:00:30], who is the best in Austria and the best in Belgium. And we are trying to covering the Europe. And we try to make real business to business and business to also customers in Europe. Trying to extend, how do you say? The solution and to the benefit of the solution from Opensoft to partners in Europe and customers.

Yes, sure, sure. Because that means with Scissorhands we have full automation. This means in spite of the yield … you are increasing your yield and operators. This means you are reducing the cost of your partner operator. But, also, the tracking’s much better. This means you are reducing errors, and you know that errors are costing much more than the money you can save on the label of the operator. That’s a key feature of Scissorhands.

The key feature. It’s … you have the screen or the monitor saying what the operator should do or even you can have a wristwatch saying what the operator should do. This means it has all the time the instructions to follow and to have no mistakes. You save time and even if you are working with students, this means after 5 or 10 minutes, you will be able to work with Scissorhands. That’s a magic software, I would say.

I think it’s a professional program, I would say. That will save time and money for people who are making the labels, back edging, and so on. They want to see the result before printing and making the box or the labels or the stickers. And what’s magic … this means you can design in two dimensions and see the object in three dimensions. And if you are moving the text, moving the image, you will see directly from the two dimension into the three dimension. And also you can see the effect if it’s a texture. You can imagine directly. You can see what will be the result after the printing and that’s the key of the product. You are saving time to samples and you will be able to correct mistakes very quickly.

Ah, that’s a good question. I hope we will be everywhere and at least we should be have a good partners in Europe in term of partnerships and we expect to have key customers who are already in the store and working with good quality and good satisfaction of the customers.

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12 Dec 2016