In this engaging conversation on inkish, Stefan and Jannik from MBO and H+H, subsidiaries of the Komori group, discuss their companies’ expertise and innovations in the printing and post-press industry. MBO, acquired by Komori in 2020, specializes in post-press solutions, focusing on making printing companies more productive and efficient through advanced mechanical engineering. H+H, a part of MBO since 2000 and based in Bielefeld, Germany, excels in creating machines for folding pharmaceutical leaflets and other thin paper products, boasting capabilities of folding up to 24 times in parallel. The dialogue also touches on the future of printing, emphasizing the importance of robotic solutions like the CoboStack for enhancing operational efficiency and addressing labor shortages. As they prepare for Drupa 2024, both companies hint at showcasing their latest innovations and customer-focused solutions, demonstrating their commitment to advancing the printing industry’s capabilities.