Inkjet is by all means on the radar everywhere – and at the Peak Performance Print Experience event in Brussels September 28-29th, 2021 – we got the chance to talk to Stefan Steinle. He is the Sales & Business Development Manager for the new entity Fujifilm Integrated Solutions. So what is it? Well, imagine an inkjet printhead. Place one or more heads in a bar with all the needed electronics, pumps, vacuum, cooler, power – and you now have a print bar that can be up to 2 meters in width. Now, place it almost anywhere you need print – and you have an idea what this is all about. It can be used in mailing applications, offset/web offset solutions to extend with variable data, all managed by Stefan Steinle and his team. Very excited, and well – check for yoursel

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27 Oct 2023

Mon December 11th

Ricoh PRO Z75 Walkthrough · Sander Sondaal ...

Today, Ricoh officially launched the new PRO Z75 to the market - a B2+ size water-based Inkjet printer. An amazing machine focusing on the Commercial print space, but with its print on substrates up to 600 microns, is also interesting for packaging printers. With 1200 x 1200 DPI and the ability to print up to 4500 sheets an hour, Ricoh has taken a huge step into the cut-sheet market with a machine that can compete with offset and toner-based printing. In this walkthrough, Sander Sondaal gives you an idea about how the machine has been built up and works - also with space for expansion in the future. All-in-all a super nice introduction to the PRO Z75. Thank you for having INKISH on-site with Realisaprint in Contes to learn and document :-)