In this engaging conversation, Stephan discusses Tessitura’s innovative technology designed to seamlessly connect hardware and software within the printing industry. Tessitura specializes in creating a “transporting and translation medium” that facilitates communication between various systems, such as MIS (Management Information Systems), workflow systems, machines, and reporting services. This integration extends to both modern and classic machines, offering a comprehensive solution for improving operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Stephan highlights the origin of the company’s name, “tessitura,” an Italian musical term meaning “the weaving” or “comfort range of a singer,” reflecting the company’s mission to interweave different technological systems harmoniously. Most Tessitura team members are musicians, adding a unique cultural layer to their technical endeavors.

The conversation delves into the practical benefits of Tessitura’s technology, emphasizing its ability to provide production leaders with a transparent overview of production progress, enhance quality control, and facilitate accurate cost calculations. Stephan points out the challenge in postpress operations, where performance often relies on guesswork. Tessitura solutions offer a way to gather precise data, enabling better operational decisions and efficiency.

Moreover, Stephan explains how Tessitura’s technology simplifies the integration process between different vendors’ systems, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming custom project work. The company’s approach significantly reduces development time and expense using a specialized interface that translates and transports data between systems.

The discussion also touches on Tessitura’s participation at Drupa, showcasing its integration capabilities, classic machine integration solutions, and tools for enhancing shop floor transparency. Stephan invites interested parties to visit their booth for more information.

Despite being a relatively new player in the industry, Tessitura has made a significant impact. The market’s reception has been mixed, with some clients quickly recognizing the potential of Tessitura’s offerings while others are slower to appreciate the innovation. Stephan’s narrative illustrates Tessitura’s commitment to breaking down technological barriers and fostering a more connected, efficient printing industry.