Morten Reitoft and Tim Sterbak discuss IST Metz’s preparations for Drupa 2024. Sterbak, from IST Metz, shares his excitement about their participation and reveals that they have extensively redesigned their entire product portfolio, incorporating significant innovations.

Sterbak mentions IST Metz’s collaborations, such as their work with Heidelberg, where IST lamps are installed on a CX104 and their partnership with Weillberger for sustainable coating solutions. He highlights that IST Metz will showcase various new products, including mercury lamps and LED solutions, which have been redesigned for better efficiency and performance.

Sterbak explains that IST Metz is focused on making their products more sustainable and energy-efficient. They produce their lamps in-house, ensuring high quality and longevity. He mentions introducing a new “Free Cure” solution that eliminates the need for inertization and photoinitiators, making the curing process more efficient.

Reitoft inquires about the redesign process, to which Sterbak responds that it involves improving heat management and durability. They aim to make their products more efficient and environmentally friendly. He discusses IST Metz’s approach to providing tailored solutions for different applications, using a modular system to meet specific customer needs.

Sterbak introduces “Smart Cure,” an AI-driven system that optimizes the power usage of curing systems based on job parameters. This leads to significant energy savings and extended product lifespans. The system can adjust power levels automatically, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the carbon footprint.

Sterbak expresses his enthusiasm for Drupa, noting that it will be his first time attending the event. He invites visitors to IST Metz’s booth to see their innovations and discuss solutions tailored to their needs.

Reitoft praises Sterbak’s presentation and looks forward to seeing IST Metz’s contributions at Drupa. The conversation concludes with Reitoft thanking Sterbak and mentioning upcoming events, including the next non-event in December.


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