Digital Corrugated High Speed High Quality Printing · Jake Sutherland & Manny De Barros · Sutherland

A year ago – on February 14th, 2023, the HP PageWide C550 was launched, and just a few months later, the first installation in North America was a reality with Sutherland Packaging in Andover. In this INKISH episode, you learn about the considerations and the result of the investment – and from the perspective of being a family-owned company that until this investment primarily focused on brown boxes, this step is major. Sutherland sees entirely new opportunities and an opportunity to convert brown-box customers into multi-colored boxes. However, the C550 is also used to produce Point-of-Sales displays, a lucrative business for Sutherland – but listen and see. Super nice people and super nice company – it was fun being there – thank you, Jake and Manny!