Without comparison, THIMM is an amazing company. BHS Corrugators, BOBST flexo print machines, Durst large format, and BOBST folding gluers, robots, and automation at a very high level – and in one room is a bright green machine that takes THIMM to a different level compared to many other packing printing companies – the Highcon BEAM 2C. Even with all the above equipment, Plant Manager Kamil Mašek doesn’t hesitate to say that laser cutting is the future – and as THIMM Všetaty uses their BEAM 2C in three shifts, year-round, the machine is used for short runs, special products, and even jobs that would normally be produced analog, but because tooling takes time, etc., are produced on the BEAM. Watch and listen – this proves that Highcon’s BEAM 2C is made for industrial production print. Enjoy!