When planning trips that involve many printing companies in many states or countries, we, from time to time, get last-minute cancelations as a PSP can be too busy, machines are not ready, or simply days in between without work. This time, Editor Morten B. Reitoft had a stop-over in Louisville before heading back to Denmark, and we called Steve Wuerdeman from HP, as he lives in Louisville, to hear if he could recommend a printing site to visit – and lucky us – we got to meet Brandon Boyers and Jen Von Almen from Vivid Impact in Jeffersontown. A super interesting company with so many capabilities, from offset to digital, and the production of beautiful applications like covers for vinyl albums to children’s books with amazing effects, a company that once again shows how things can be done differently. What you see is a printing company, but speaking to Brandon Boyers, you realize that the production is merely a tool enabling the real business – data-driven communication, where print is “just” a part of it. But listen for yourself and enjoy!