The conversation is an interview with Andreas Weber, discussing his involvement with the printing industry and his contributions, including writing a book on Drupa. Weber mentions his experience of being a part of Drupa multiple times and his excitement about it. He highlights the significance of Drupa in the printing industry, its historical context, and its impact on the German economy. Andreas shares insights on the book he co-authored to celebrate Drupa’s 40th anniversary, reflecting on the exhibition’s history and its role in advancing the machinery business in Germany.

Weber and Reitoft discuss various topics, including the internet’s influence on trade shows and the printing industry, the importance of cross-media campaigns, and the challenges of adopting innovation in the industry. Andreas stresses the need for the industry to evolve with new business models and embrace print and digital media. Weber also points out the industry’s reluctance to adopt innovative ideas, citing an example of an on-demand newspaper project that failed to gain publisher support despite clear demand.

The conversation touches on the economic importance of trade shows like Drupa and the changes in visitor numbers post-COVID. They also discuss the value of print media in an increasingly digital world and the potential threats and opportunities posed by digital transformation. The interview concludes with Andreas Weber expressing the need to reanimate the pioneering spirit of Drupa’s founders to support the industry’s future.