INKISH was founded five years ago. At that time, we believed that making an online film-channel in English would make us ‘global.’ In the past five years, we have produced more than 400 films and interviewed more than 500 industry leaders from Japan, China, India, Dubai, almost every country in Europe and on multiple locations in North America – however, that doesn’t make us ‘global.’  

Becoming a global channel requires the stories to be told from everywhere, regardless of language, and they have to be told with the same passion and professionalism that has made INKISH into what INKISH is today. 

Though we worked on having a global perspective from the beginning, the real ‘globalization’ comes when we cover stories from every country consistently and frequently. The stories we produce, to become global, has at least two important ingredients – 1) to make INKISH part of the local printing community and 2) bring the local printing industry closer to the world. We know this is a bold ambition, and we believe we can only do this if we have the right partners. The printing industry is a global industry, and with globalization comes a need to not only get information from your ‘own’ printers and vendors but also to get information and inspiration from companies in other countries.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have been working on how to achieve this, and we believe the only way we can achieve this, is by finding people that share our vision and wants to become part of a global INKISH initiative – we call it INKISH.ONE.

INKISH.ONE is a business opportunity. We offer a range of products and services, some already in the market, some in development, and some to come later. The business perspective is important since delivering high quality, frequently, and with a commitment to both the industry as well as to the entire INKISH.ONE community requires time and dedication – and as we all know money to ensure this.

Initially, I wanted to give all the information about INKISH.ONE under an NDA but after reading the drafted NDA from our lawyer, I decided that NDA’s are really not aligned with the openness that I believe is such an important part of the INKISH DNA. I also believe that the strength of what we have already achieved overweights the risk of getting screwed – so here is the idea, everything is revealed, and together I believe we can grow this even more.

Should we talk?

/Morten Reitoft