C!Print 2023 in Lyon is, by all measures, already a success. The EuroExpo Center in Lyon was filled up with guests, and most of the day, it seemed very busy. There was a good mood, and we got some excellent interviews from many exciting people. In this Bonjour! Jacques Michiels and Morten B. Reitoft share impressions from the first day and expectations for our last day at C!Print. Enjoy, and remember to see our interviews on INKISH.TV. We already have many films online, and all are now uploaded with English subtitles (the French language editions!)

Weber Reitoft · Ohne Reitoft · #8

1 Dec 2023

Printing United 2023 · Reporting from Standa...

19 Oct 2023

Weber & Reitoft - Rum Etiketten

11 Oct 2023

Weber Reitoft · Am Messe · Sprechen über ...

5 Oct 2023

Weber & Reitoft - Wir Sprechen Über Courier ...

27 Sep 2023

Mon December 11th

Ricoh PRO Z75 Launch Event · Realisaprint.co...

Delivering a new and very anticipated machine is interesting, and in this interview with Sander Sondaal from Ricoh Europe, you will get insights about the journey. Why did it take longer time than anticipated? How does Sander see this in the market - which will also be dived deeper into in a separate film on INKISH - but listen, and enjoy! Soon we will also have the walkthrough we refer to in this film :-)