PrintPack India 2019 takes place in 5 halls – quite big – and congested when you take into consideration that the organizer IPAMA expect 100.000 visitors. First day (Friday, Feb 1st) was not so crowded but the weekend – it was just amazing how many people attended from all over India. In this film, we walk you through one of the more machines that convert paper into to straws. As I mention the need to get rit of plastic opens up markets for paper-based products – and straws could be made on this machine from Weixin.

In this film ower and CEO Rajan Harjai fra FillFlo also shows how simple his air-flow-packaging machines are – and though he doesn’t tell in the film, the machines are sold from approx. 39.000 IN similar to $545 or 478€.

Tomorrow we will publish the last of our daily films from PrintPack – so stay tuned for that.

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So, here we are at Weixin, paper store making company, and basically this is very, very hot because everybody is talking about getting rid of plastic. So, basically with this machine, you have a paper roll, you feed it, and it slides this up to two different rolls. Rolls, you see here, have the width of what is required for making the straws, you can make them thicker or thinner, and I’ll show you in a second how you do that.

So, here you have the rolls that were sliced on the paper just before. You can see that you can even have some that is pre-printed, and it now feeds into the machine where you have an adhesive that actually makes sure that the paper is glued, and then you have a machine that basically turns it around a spine. That actually makes the straw.

This is the trimmer, so that decides the length of the straw, so you can see it cuts a little bit and it transports it to the conveyor, where it’s emptied in a box.

This is an air cushion packaging, it is a protective packaging and goods and all their things. How to use, this is the way to use. This is the way-

This is where the air comes in?

This is an air compressure pipe, to inflate the air bubble. You see?


How to inflate. You just start, stop, three buttons inside the machine, it start and stop and pull. Pull that means you can pull the film. Stop, that’s stop, and start. This is the production of the air bubble machine.

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