There is nothing more important than using your voice. The vote last year in America was one of the most significant milestones in our history. What matters is that you use your voice. A few weeks ago, I got my first Covid vaccine. It was an emotional experience for me. Life getting back to the next normal. The fact that I could get on a plane again really changes everything. There is nothing like seeing people, meeting people, discovering things when you travel the world. It really is a dichotomy, a velvet devil. And in a lot of ways, that’s how I felt about last year. There was some really intimate things about it. Connections with other people. And then there was just the hell of it. One of the most difficult things I found about last year was I don’t really have any business coming in. I’m not going anywhere. And what am I going to do? Just give me a second, because you made me think about something else. Many people lost people last year, and I am one of them. We lost my grandma to Covid and it has been really hard. It’s been very difficult in a weird way. Tie that to all of the things that died last year. A metaphorical sense. No trade shows last year. A lot of relationships ended because you didn’t see people and people ended relationships with companies. The Project Peacock Platform. The entire ecosystem of what everybody needs is in one place. I think it’s really important they can get print samples. They can find printers who have that equipment. This is cool. I want to do it. Great. This is who you can do it with.

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25 Jan 2022


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