The first part is a component of an imaging section of a digital toner printer. I spent many years managing a service department. So, I started rotating at a distributor for Konica Minolta. From a business position, to then service. And then became VP of Operations and Strategy. From one side, I see users taking the machinery to the maximum. Or even more than an OEM even thought about. Before OEMs were focused on installing midfoot machines in the field. And that’s what they get measured by. We have to be as close to the buying customer as possible. And at the end there’s going to be a very big consolidation of production. Printers have an amazing advantage for on-demand local production of X. So, this was 2019 – a week before that flight, I called Bernd Zipper. And that ended up traveling to an Online Print Symposium. And this was this huge eye opener. I think local culture is very important. I wouldn’t call it ‘transform’. I would call it ‘adapt’. Panama has no postal system. So how do you deliver something? There’s been an increase on last mile delivery startups. So that’s facilitated not only print, but all the e-commerce. This is a print controller board where everything connects to. It’s basically the brain of the machine. We’re trying to build something similar. But outside of the printer. Our company is called IMPRIMU. And we’re building an on-demand print network. Those are my kids. We were at the beach one day. And just putting it into context…all these difficulties last year. But at the same time there were so many good moments. And the question is: how do you take advantage of those good moments? And are you able to appreciate them? That is actually our product. That is value we are providing to a tuna processing plant. And we are providing pretty on-demand labels for them. I love being a part of that adaptation.

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4 Nov 2021