Miki Rubin & Wouter Meeuwisse · VIGC Hackathon 2nd price for Shiprz · Imprimu

The VIGC Hackathon is an annual event organized by VIGC and EY. The purpose is to develop ideas for future solutions in a fun and competitive environment. In less than 48 hours, an idea changes from just an idea into something presented to a jury and an audience. This year’s Hackathon had twelve teams presenting exciting ideas – some more innovative and exciting than others – but the jury unanimously agreed on this year’s 2nd place – yes, we also agreed on number one and number three 🙂

The Shiprz project was developed by Miki Rubin and Wouter Meeuwisse – and subsidized shipping costs by adding personalized advertising on shipping labels. In this interview you can learn much more – so please enjoy!

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27 May 2021