Matthias Miederer and Morten Reitoft discuss the developments at KAMA and their plans for Drupa 2024. Miederer, who started working for KAMA as the Head of Product Management earlier this year, explains his role in strengthening the link between sales and development. He introduces KAMA as a supplier of post-press finishing solutions, focusing on tailored solutions for short to medium-run finishing, especially targeting the digital printing market.

Reitoft showcases a product from KAMA’s customer, Studio on Fire, emphasizing the added value and quality KAMA’s equipment brings to print products. Miederer agrees, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing efficient finishing solutions that help customers offer more to their clients and gain new jobs.

They discuss KAMA’s new product, the Hammerhead, a digital embellishment machine capable of coatings/varnishes and metallization. Miederer explains that the Hammerhead continues KAMA’s tradition of building solid, robust machines while integrating efficiency and speed for digital embellishment. The machine offers a B2 platform ready for B1 and can run at 5,700 sheets per hour, making it flexible and suitable for various production needs.

Reitoft asks about the potential market for digital embellishment. Miederer acknowledges the slow growth compared to digital printing but sees increasing interest and adoption. He emphasizes the need to educate graphic designers and the benefits of digital embellishment in offering flexible, tool-free, and unique finishes compared to traditional methods.

They then discuss the FlexFold, KAMA’s high-speed folding and gluing machine with a high level of automation. Miederer highlights its quick setup times and suitability for the pharmaceutical market with built-in Braille functionality. He mentions that KAMA will showcase the ProCut 76, FlexFold, Hammerhead videos and samples, and animations of new robotic solutions at Drupa.

The conversation wraps up with Reitoft noting the importance of KAMA’s solutions and looking forward to seeing Miederer at Drupa in two weeks.


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