Editor Morten B. Reitoft welcomes the audience to the final pre-Drupa Live event, the fourth in a series. He acknowledged previous technical issues in Casablanca and hoped for a smoother session – which we got 🙂 The program will feature Matthew Faulkner from Canon as the first guest and will be broadcast on multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Inkish TV, YouTube, and Facebook), encouraging audience engagement through questions.

Reitoft discusses the impact of Drupa’s cancellation in 2020 due to COVID-19 and the industry’s anticipation for the 2024 edition, which is two weeks away. He describes the planning process, which began a year ago, and the creation of a physical brochure called “Drupa 24” featuring high-profile industry figures like Montserrat Peidro, Ulrich Stetter, Anthony Thirlby, François Martin, John Sommers, Paul Hudson, and Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam, offering their perspectives on the event.

A daily segment called “Bonjour,” a casual show featuring industry guests over croissants and coffee, is mentioned, with hosts like Pat McGrew. Key guests for these segments include Dr. Andreas Pleßke, Annette Friskopp, Daniel Erni, Ralf Sameck, Christoph Gamper, Julie Watson, Yasu Taketsugu, Jennifer Kolloczek, Volker Leonhardt, Diego Dias, Jordi Giralt, Erik Normann, and Tim Sterbach.

Reitoft highlights the extensive coverage planned for Drupa, with over 300 films and episodes featuring industry insights on technology, business, sustainability, IoT, robots, and workflow. INKISH and its content partners will be key sources for updates on the event.

They also introduce the INKISH In-Flight magazine, a 144-page printed publication available as a physical copy or a digital file, with an option to have it delivered to hotels for €15. The speaker expresses excitement for Drupa and its opportunities for networking and technology showcases, transitioning to the first guest, Matthew Faulkner, with a brief introduction.

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