In an engaging conversation with Morten Reitoft from INKISH, Sander Sondaal from Ricoh discussed the latest trends and developments in the printing industry, particularly focusing on the shift towards digital and inkjet printing solutions.

Sander Sondaal highlighted Ricoh’s journey since acquiring IBM’s printing division in the early 2000s and its continuous innovation in printing technologies. A key topic was the shift in market dynamics from traditional offset to digital printing, driven by the need for high-quality, high-productivity solutions.

Sander Sondaal also emphasized Ricoh’s focus on continuous-fed inkjet solutions aimed at high-productivity sectors. He touched on the challenges of the analog or offset printing market and how digital printing offers a viable alternative. Ricoh’s strategy includes providing solutions that cover various market needs, from high-end continuous-feed inkjet printers for long runs to toner printers for ultra-short runs.

The conversation also covered the advancements in inkjet technology, making it suitable for a broader range of commercial print applications. Sondaal mentioned the importance of flexibility in printing solutions, catering to different market segments and customer needs. The recent developments in Ricoh’s portfolio, including the Z75 and the new inkjet solutions, demonstrate their commitment to innovation.

Sondaal further delved into the operational aspects of transitioning from traditional printing methods to modern digital solutions, outlining how Ricoh’s technologies are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wider range of printing businesses. He concluded by discussing the competitive landscape of the printing industry and Ricoh’s position in it, emphasizing collaboration and innovation as key drivers for future growth.

This interview underscores the dynamic nature of the printing industry and Ricoh’s adaptive strategies to meet evolving market demands, focusing on quality, productivity, and innovation.

RICOH is one of the leading inkjet companies in the graphic arts segment. In this talk with Director Commercial Sales, Sander Sondaal, and Editor Morten B. Reitoft, they talk about the market, toner print, obviously the Z75, and the new continuous fed inkjet printer Pro VC80000. In a market that continues to develop and where inkjet becomes more and more choice for many PSPs, the new Pro VC80000 delivers 150 meters per minute, equal to about 10,000 B2 sheets (4+4) per hour, and on substrates up to 300gsm, and with precession and easy better than previous models. A super nice and intense conversation that hopefully gives you many answers to the newest member of the RICOH family – enjoy!

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