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Dreyer Kliché produces hot stamping tools for the printing industry (hint for fine packaging, books, paper bags, wine labels, etc.). Being recognized as one of the world’s best tool-maker, of course, makes us particularly interested in talking to the CEO Conni Dreyer when we met her at Scanpack in Gothenburg. With a theme build around Hans Christian Andersen’s Tinder-Box fairytale, the stage is set and by showcasing the fantastic result of fantastic tools customers are invited to see for themselves what’s possible. Quite amazing. Take a look at the interview and if you are interested, we have also made some films that showcase the process from idea to final​ result:

We are at Scanpack here in Gothenburg.

What we are doing is what we are normally best at. We’re showing our new products, showing what you can do to try to push the limit for what’s possible in the toolings, in the foiling, in the embossing, in the cartons, in the label, because so many brand owners and designers are not aware of all the possibilities they actually have, and we think it’s a very important thing for us to show them what is possible.

Designers know a lot about designs, but they’re actually not aware of how much more you can do to your design. How do they get from A to the end? How do they do your tooling? How do you prepare your artwork? What can you do with tooling? They don’t have a clue about that.

It’s so easy so you won’t believe it! I could actually teach you that in five minutes, how to do it. That’s why we are also together with some of our corporation partners, have done some videos that you can find on YouTube, you can find on our website, that actually shows how easy it is to come from idea to the final product. It’s an easy process.

I will say, amazingly good … They have been very surprised to see this year’s items, our thoughts from the fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen. Many of our visitors quite knew Hans Christian Andersen, and as we always try to incorporate the famous thing in our things, it actually was really, really well taken in, and also all the details that we were able to integrate to that was quite good.

We are seeing a growth in that industry that we are so lucky to be a part of. It seems as finally brand owners and designers can see what finishing can do to their products, increase sales, and that’s what we all like to do.

There is a lot of good printer houses here in Scandinavia, and also out in Europe, that can do this finishing. If they can’t find it, we can recommend them where to go. We know a lot of these printer houses, as they are our customers. We can always give them two, three, four different names, and they can take the contact themself to find out how they should continue from that.

What we do is that if we can see that the printer can’t get the result out of our tools as we know is possible to get out of the tools, we can do many things. We can have a Skype conference where we can see what they are doing, actually, on site, on the production, and help them that way; or we can actually go down to the printer house and have a workshop and teach them how to get the best out of our tools and the foil.

I can tell you that many of our customers love this idea, because we all have our little handy today, our little mobile, so you can actually just FaceTime us, just next to your problem, and we can solve it together with them.

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