Patrik Moser · CEO · Steinemann DPE · Walkthrough B3 MaxLiner 2D

Here, CEO Patrik Moser, for the first time, shows the new MaxLiner 2D – a new cut-sheet version specifically made for commercial printers. Fast setup time, high speed, and high quality are the ingredients that make this machine unique. When Patrik Moser talks about the 2D version, it’s essentially since it’s printed on the back of the foil and transferred to the substrate, you won’t be able to have a raised varnish the same way as when you print directly to the substrate. Both technologies are good and can be used for different applications. Great to learn from!


Patrik Moser · CEO · Steinemann DPE

15 Jun 2024

Patrik Moser · CEO · Steinemann DPE · Walk...

15 Jun 2024

Industrial Scale Digital Print Enhancement ·...

7 Dec 2020