In this webinar, Morten B. Reitoft shares his experience in marketing, emphasizing the importance of instinct over data-driven approaches. He expresses skepticism about the effectiveness of commonly used marketing buzzwords and techniques, particularly in high-value, long-decision industries like printing. The webinar challenges the traditional reliance on metrics like clicks and views, arguing that these may not translate into real business value. Reitoft advocates for more authentic, quality-focused marketing strategies that resonate with specific audiences.

The discussion also highlights the disparity between B2C and B2B marketing, stressing the need for tailored approaches that address specific customer needs in the business world. The speaker warns against superficial online marketing tactics and underlines the importance of understanding the market and the products being marketed. They suggest that marketing should be about driving immediate conversions and building relationships and trust, which are crucial for long-term sales in the B2B sector.

Furthermore, the webinar addresses the challenges of measuring marketing ROI meaningfully, proposing that traditional metrics may not accurately reflect the impact of marketing efforts on sales, especially in industries with long sales cycles. The speaker encourages marketers to focus on creating relevant content and engaging with customers meaningfully, using marketing as a tool for education and relationship-building rather than just for pushing sales.

Overall, the webinar provides insights into more thoughtful, customer-centric marketing strategies, questioning conventional marketing wisdom and advocating for a more nuanced, instinct-driven approach in the complex world of B2B marketing.

Download the Presentation here.

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