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Mon January 4th

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We Stock Base Models & Customize on...

Uffe Nielsen is the 2nd generation owner (now with more partners) of Grafisk Maskinfabrik or GM. GM delivers advanced finishing technology for the label and flexible industry and is recognized as being among the best in the world. With a combination of OEM products and the company's own brand - Uffe Nielsen, in this video, talk about the benefits of combining three locations into one. The company is scaling up these years and take advantage of mass-production. Uffe Nielsen explains that they produce base-models for stock, which quickly enable them to customize the machines to the customer's need when ordered! Great company. This is our second film from GM - where the first is about the company's story and background. Watch the first part by clicking this link:

Wed July 24th


We Come in Peace · Print Sample TV · Pat...

In this 29th Episode of Print Sample TV, Pat McGrew shares an unboxing experience with you. It's a box from a company called Fantastapack. The box contains some labels, some different boards, and the box itself - and that essentially shows what Fantastapack is all about. Simple. Great! Why aren't all printing companies creating print-samples, that show their offerings, and why you, as a print customer, should choose this particular printing company? Well. Find your inspiration here, so Watch, Like, and Share - please!

Thu September 15th


We Bought Two Italian Ferrari Presses · ...

George Loayza is the President and CEO of American Non-Stop labels. His family-owned company operates out of California, and we met him at OMET's booth during LabelExpo-Americas. One of the stories - shortened down, but here we go was. "What to do without production back up," and before I could answer, he said he bought his second OMET machine - so there are always solutions, ladies and gentlemen!

Thu June 24th


Warren Werbitt learning from failures · ...

Warren Werbitt is one of the most openminded persons we know, and in this session he talks about failure, and how to learn and recover from these. Great session! LinkedIn Profile:

Sat April 17th

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Warren Werbitt · Fast Forward · Indigo ·...

Well, first of all, I like the pink shirt that I'm wearing. But the Indigo... It's I'm actually an investor with my brother. Partner with my brother in a label company called Stick2. And we're just really proud of the equipment. The Crown Pub started last year when the pandemic started. I think it was around March or April. And I was invited on. And then I've been on every week since. Which, by the way, had there been no Covid, I wouldn't have thirty five friends around the world. That was from the last PaperSpecs Unboxing event. Went on to the event, had a great time. Sabine does a wonderful job with it. And I had requested from one of the Sappi reps some Sappi paper. I was just at the office. I was walking through the back. And just looking for one of those candid shots of... And stick my face in front of a machine. In front of a camera. I got my first shot three weeks ago. And I got to tell you, I didn't realize how crazy Covid was making me in my head. But when I got that shot, I almost could have cried. I felt like it was Warren 2.0. And I was given a second chance on life. So we were fishing carp. That's the setup. Where you basically just plant your polls. And you have line readers. And you sit there. And I was basically working remotely. I have ADHD, so I bounce around a lot. Then it became ADHDTV. Because I sit with the remote control and keep changing channels. My kids gave me a remote control without batteries. So I could sit in the room. But I am bouncing. When I get into a boat or I'm standing in the water with a fly rod, I could not be more peaceful. My brain is getting creative. I'm thinking. I have nothing with me. That is the best. I'm not worried. Print has always been evolving and changing. The only thing I would like is... I would like for... And please everyone listen. I would like for all the negative people in our industry to get the hell out. Before they take us down for no reason. It's about bringing the positivity back to the industry. Because we need to be upbeat and we need to attract young talent. All you old people out.

Wed December 15th


VR Print add Nilpeter FA-LINE to its ALL...

VR Print operates its business from Durban, South Africa, and visiting the company was an inspiring experience. Today the company, managed and owned by CEO Hilton Janse van Rensburg, is an all-digital printing company. However, in February, VR Print will receive its first Nilpeter FA-Line machine. Normally INKISH visits printing companies with new equipment already installed. In this video, we talk to Hilton about the market, the expectations, and what made the company choose to add Flexo capabilities to its production. Enjoy!

Thu February 25th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Vpress at the core of Route 1 Print

Route 1 print is an amazing printing company based in the UK. In this film, Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam explains what they do and, in particular to how they work and use Coreprint from Vpress. The film was shown during our Learn With Us – inkjet event.

Wed January 19th


VP Marketing Rick Salinas demonstrates D...

At EFI Connect 2022, we did two films with Vice President of Marketing Rick Salinas from Duplo USA. Both are to be found on INKISH, of course. This film demonstrates two cutting solutions that Duplo USA presented - exciting, and as always, great to learn!

Fri April 30th

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Vipin Goyal · My Team · Camp · Meditatio...

It’s my team that is working. And we allocate project managers, teams to plan, execute and deliver projects in a timely and streamlined fashion. So, there is there is Diana there. Leonardo there. And I like Diego Maradona. And that is a Godfather picture. So, these are the people I like most in my life. Communication is the key for delivering any software. Say if I talk about North India, definitely it is a bit, you know, harder recruiting new guys in Punjab. Punjab based company. But some developers, they want to stay in their cities. So, and we also want to develop a company in our state only. So, the developers don't have to go to other states. Apart from working from our office, we all settle at our places, at our homes. But we have different kind of project management tools, communication tools. So that all made things easy for us. We went to a trip recently. We spent a whole year at home and we all wanted to have a break. We opted for a hill station where we stayed in Riverside camps for a couple of days. And we did yoga, meditation and enjoyed a bonfire. And the other picture. There we are all dancing, and it is from 13 April. I told the team: let's do some meditation also. We were on a very beautiful view. So yeah. So, I thought let’s do a meditation for 15 minutes. There is a thing in India. Like we have around 85 percent of the people in India are living below the poverty line. Some traditional Punjabi dance, the Folk dance, the Bhangra dance. They have a very different clothing for this. On that day there was a Navratri festival also. That marks the beginning of a new year in India. I am CEO of My Virtual Teams. I founded this organization in 2010. We are a family of fifty plus professionals. Fast Forward

Tue November 23rd


Vanguard CEO Dave Cich in conversation w...

Vanguard’s CEO Dave Cich is a true leader. In this INKISH CONVERSATION Dave describes how he builds his teams and describes his plans for a global sales force. With the acquisition by Durst, Dave explains how their global reach will empower this effort. We also see a very human side to what comprises a leader. LinkedIn Profile

Tue August 27th


Using Online Marketing to Grow The Print...

Will Crabtree has been featured earlier on INKISH, and we are always happy to meet printers who experience growth. Not only has expanded its premises, but the number of printing units, staff, and foot space have increased since we last met Will Crabtree and his team. What we like about this story is how online marketing and SoMe presence supports the printing industry. This should inspire all printers globally to use all kinds of media to grow your business. TampaPrinter and Will Crabtree is an amazing example of how growth is more a matter of will than anything else. See you sometime in the future.

Wed January 19th


Using Connect to Connect · Cissy Petteno...

Cissy Pettenon is the Digital Work Flow Deployment Manager at SPC and has been at eProductivity Software/EFI Connect before. In this short interview, she explains how SPC is a company embracing change and the value of meeting piers at eProductivity Software/EFI Connect.

Tue December 7th


Using Cloud Printer to get 1,000+ print ...

Roy Everts and his company GLD Print en Media is located in Arnhem in the Netherlands - and yes, it is the renowned city from world war two - but being the center of GLD Print en Media is what this story is about! INKISH visited Roy Everts and his colleagues because GLD uses the Cloudprinter platform for orders - and in the film, you can hear Roy Everts saying up to a thousand orders a day. Cloudprinter is still a young company, but it is getting more and more recognized for its service and its innovative business model - but see and listen for yourself in this INKISH film. INKISH.NEWS article.

Thu April 27th

Untitled broadcast. Multistreaming with ...

Multistreaming with

Mon September 19th


Unite with a Print Association · Pat McG...

Your Print Sample TV host, Pat McGrew talks about associations - and for good reasons. All industries have different associations and in the printing industry, this is also the case. Not only do the associations offer various learning experiences, but events, trade shows, and also utilizing different print technologies and applications are part of the role. In this episode, Pat McGrew shows you samples from the Printing United 22 event. We will be there, will you?

Wed July 24th

Unboxing With a Surprise · Print Sample ...

Print Sample TV has earlier shown print samples from the Belgian company Symeta and for good reasons. Getting a large box delivered at your doorstep, printed as an actual flight-case, and with such a cool design, you can't be anything but curious. Symeta is a highly specialized DM company so, of course, they can create a "must-open" experience, and we are, of course, happy to share this with you - so please enjoy!

Thu June 24th


Ulrich Stetter on scaling your printing ...

In this session, we talk to Ulrich Stetter, who is the Geschäftsführer/Managing Director of Schleunungsdruck - one of the largest printing companies in Europe. In this conversation, we will have the opportunity to learn when it's time to scale - both up and down- which KPI's Stetter believes are important in operating a successful printing company. Learn! Ulrich Stetter recently became President of Intergraf! LinkedIn Profile:

Sun December 8th


Ulf Sunnberg at the INKISH NON-EVENT 201...

INKISH hosted for the first time ever our NON-EVENT. The Non-event is celebrating the people that have been in front of the camera, or been supporting INKISH during the past years. This is a new recurring event, and the idea is to give space for the people we have featured to connect in a new way. We invited 150 people, and 32 decided to join us. Our guests came from Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark - and we are confident that next year, even more, will come. We asked most of our participants to talk LIVE during the dinner - and here is Ulf Sunnberg from Sweden. We have to put this first - Ulf Sunnberg is our new Country Director of INKISH Sweden, and we are so happy that Ulf, Magnus, Ola, and Anders have decided to join forces with us for the Swedish, and Norwegian market. But Ulf has an extensive background as a consultant, as the founder of the Grafkom network, and very active in Workflow Summit and PrintNext in Sweden - and now also with INKISH Sweden. Thank you, guys! Enjoy!

Tue April 26th


Uffe Nielsen · Director · Grafisk Maskin...

LinkedIn profile:

Mon February 22nd


Turning your customers into SuperHeroes

In this session, the founders of THE CRM Agency will explain how they designed and digitally printed, highly personalised SuperHero comics - for their client HackerOne - that included the recipient by name in the evolving story. Ultimately revealing the recipient’s illustrated, digitally printed face in the final frame, and showing them saving the day and becoming their company's hero. This hugely successful lead generation campaign ran in English and French and generated pan-EMEA new business for HackerOne.

Thu June 30th


Tri Tuladhar · Trijet Limited @ #SeikoOp...

This is a really interesting, yet very difficult to understand, interview with Tri Tuladhar from Trijet. Many of the PSPs I talk to, often ask why the inkjet vendors don't allow to use of third-party inks, similar to how they buy offset inks. Is it only a money machine, or are there any other good reasons? There are! Tri Tuladhar is an ink specialist who tells us in this interview that each color and even each ink manufacturer has their own unique 'fingerprints.' These fingerprints are important for the vendors to know as the exact properties of an ink relates to how fast the machine can print, and when Tri Tuladhar shows how the same ink act under different conditions it makes a lot of sense. Dive in and enjoy!

Mon February 22nd


Trends, Changes & Solutions

2020 was supposed to be a drupa year. Although the event did not take place, many vendors announced new inkjet presses that were targeted for the biggest print show on earth. In this session the inkjet press experts from Inkjet Insight will discuss each of the 2020 launches and announcements in commercial, label and packaging print, compare products and market approaches and talk about the recent trends in inkjet press launches, as well as the recent push for hybrid and bespoke solutions. Attendees can also receive our latest research “Production Inkjet Market Survey on Ink Estimating Solutions.” Inkjet Insight is the most trusted source for evaluating, optimizing and growing business using inkjet. Say up-to-date by visiting