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Mon October 24th


Winner of the Unicorn Award · Day 3 · Al...

The third winner of the new INKISH UNICORN Award is Aleksey Etin, owner of the Lithuanian-based company Veika. The company won the award because of its excellent Dimense product. See the print samples in this film, and you immediately see the opportunities. It's a structured print, but rather than layering like in a 3D; the paper is prepped with foam, giving the print a structure. Great technology and a well-deserved win. Congratulations!

Sat October 22nd


Winner of the Unicorn Award · Day 2 · Si...

The winner takes it all but in this case? Nah... the customers get an excellent and straightforward product to use to share happy memories. The Unicorn Winner Nations Photo Lab has developed a photo frame that allows customers to place and replace canvas without needing any tooling - fast, innovative, and looks excellent. The Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, Deborah Corn, found the Unicorn Award winner, who here receives the award and shows the idea/product to you! Congratulations, and enjoy! LinkedIn Profiles:

Fri October 21st


Winner of the Unicorn Award · Day 1 · An...

We wanted to create a new fun award that awards a product/technology/application picked by the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, Deborah Corn. Walking a tradeshow takes time, and finding a thing that stands out isn't always easy. However, W+D's new solution for creating creative and unique mailing solutions was picked for the opportunities it gives marketers to communicate and engage. The INKISH team salutes the pick, as it technically is a super interesting product, and as Andrew Schipke told us later, sales have already started at PRINTING United - good work!

Tue April 21st


Wim Fransen · Over The Skype · Enfocus

Wim Fransen is one of our frequent guests here at INKISH, so of course, we were very curious to hear more about Enfocus these days. That was good. First of all both PitStop and Switch are being updated to 2020 editions - and quite some features are revealed. I.e. PitStop got a new feature that enables it to look into the document processed and compare, i.e. logos, etc. for being the right version. This is of course, truly amazing, but it's just one of more features. For the API people Switch got a major make-over in their scripting language, that we now know, is a feature that IT people have been wanting for a long time. AND - One More Thing. Wim Fransen reveals the frame-work of new software that Enfocus is currently developing. Though details are still limited, it's the first new product from Enfocus in years (besides the many major updates of PitStop and Switch of course.) As with all our 'Over the Skype' interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Wed February 9th


Wim Brunsting & David Petit Bayot ·...

This is a fun interview. Wim Brunsting has a background with Canon, and of course, he presented himself through his old company by default, but what I like about this interview is the honesty. We smile, laugh, and deliver SO much valuable information about Kongsberg, where Wim Brunsting today is the Sales Director for EMEA. During the interview, I suggest making a demo. How unfair is that? But Wim's colleague David Petit Bayot accepts the challenge and shows precisely why Kongsberg is the master of precision cutting - LOVE it! LinkedIn Profiles: Wim Brunsvig David Petit Bayot

Thu April 7th


Wim Brunsting · Kongsberg Precision Cutt...

At Kongsbergs booth the good old VW was once again brought to life and to have some fun Wim Brunsting from Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems and Editor Morten B. Reitoft went on a ride around the Stockholm area talking business - of course. Really enjoyable ride, and fun to once more meet Wim Brunsting. Until next time Wim!

Fri May 15th


Wilson Chung · Over The Skype · WYS Syst...

"Over the Skype" has been the INKISH response to the coronavirus crisis, but it has given us tons of opportunities to talk to exciting people from all over the world. In this session, we talk to Wilson Chunk, who works and live in Hong Kong. Wilson Chung works with Idealliance and is a colour specialist and a capacity in both Hong Kong and China. With several books, hardware- and software development, we are sure you will enjoy listening to Wilson Chung's great story here on "Over the Skype." As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Wed September 14th


Why Tilia Labs chose to be acquired by E...

There are always two sides to a coin, so in this Interview, editor Morten B. Reitoft talks to Tyler Thompson, Solutions Director and former co-owner of Tilia Labs. In the interview, we talk about what ESKO's acquisition means to existing Tilia Labs customers, but also how this will benefit Tilia Labs by being part of a large and exciting company. In the short-term, few changes. In the long-term, we believe that the Tilia Labs technology will find its way into ESKO packages and many more exciting things. Time will tell!

Mon May 23rd


Why the GREEN agenda is the ONLY way to ...

At the Sign, Print & Promotion '22 in Helsinki I was asked to give a presentation under the above title - and it was quite fun to do, though the topic, of course, challenges many. It's not fair to deliver a polluted world to the next generations. We have to make a business based on green values, and sustainable behaviors. I don't have answers, but maybe the questions and the speculations can help you and set your agenda? LinkedIn Profile:

Sun December 6th


Why Smart Factory in Production Print? ·...

The next industrial revolution has already arrived. With a continuing surge in new technology and data analytics, the first generation of Industry 4.0 is rapidly making automation essential on the Production Print floor. Meanwhile, we continue to evolve towards the fifth industrial revolution focused on mass customization and personalization for customers. Though the need for an automated workflow is becoming universal, there’s no one-size-fits all solution. Jobs flow differently in commercial print shops than they do in high-volume transactional data centers, direct mail houses, or book manufacturing. During this session, you will hear from industry experts from Canon the advantages of automating the entire production print process from start to finish. Speaker for this session are: Allen Filson · Jane Nerf · Dennis Soucy · Nick Thorne

Mon December 6th


Why Robots in the graphics arts industry...

German language · English subtitles. Robots are essential in the production of, i.e., cars. Still, though the printing industry also experiences heavy lifting and repetitive work, it's only now robots are entering into binderies in particular. We talk to robot specialist Henrik Christiansen from Cool Graphics, who works with MBO on various robot projects. In this film, he explains the difference between robots and cobots. Together with CEO Thomas Heininger, they both talk about why robots are becoming more and more critical. Important! LinkedIn: Thomas Heininger Henrik Christiansen

Wed July 24th

Why Not Print Your Own Wardrobe? · Print...

It's not because your host, Pat McGrew forgot or lost her luggage (but that happens) at FESPA that she talks over shirts - but here she is truly amazed over the possibilities today possible. In this 25th Print Sample TV, Pat McGrew speaks over the 'Sports factory' from FESPA Berlin where the print sample is an actual print produced on the spot. From a computer, Pat McGrew select colors, font faces, bands, etc. and shortly after she get's her own personalized shirt. Watch, Like, and Share (as usual)

Mon October 29th


Why is swissQprint so successful? · Maur...

swissQprint is according to Infosource one of the leading large-format print vendors in Europe and when you look at the interest in their products this seems to be correct. In this interview recorded at FESPA 2018 in Berlin, Product Manager Maurus Zeller tell that swissQprint is both more expensive but also at the same time much better. Take a look at this film and let us know what you think. Whenever we go to international exhibitions the swissQprint machines deliver an unparalleled quality.

Sun December 2nd


Why Everybody Needs Automation · Toon Va...

Many believe automation is only for the bigger or for the few. In this interview, we asked Product Manager Toon Van Rossum from Enfocus why automation is something everybody should consider. We actually ask Toon Van Rossum the same question three times but in perspective; the small printing company, the medium size printing company and finally the large printing company and well - listen to Toon Van Rossum's answers and consider whether this applies to you and your printing company!

Wed September 14th


Why ESKO acquired Tilia Labs · Geert De ...

One of our Lunch Break Hour partners is ESKO, and when you approach the ESKO booth, a quite considerable part of the booth is dedicated to the newly acquired company, Tilia Labs. Tilia Labs has often featured on INKISH, as we genuinely believe Scott More and Sagen de Jonge are among the smartest developers in our industry - so here, Director of Product Management, Geert De Proost, explains why ESKO got interested in the company!

Thu January 24th


Why Considering Label Print as part of y...

At the annual meeting for Federation of Norwegian Printers, we got the chance to meet with Senior Management Consultant Michael Bach Nielsen from Medit Consult. He is one of the leading consultants in the Scandinavian print market and has a great insight in both label print - as well as management in general. No doubt that many printers these days are looking for alternatives in their offerings and though label seems to be a consistent and profitable business area, Michael Bach Nielsen warns about the challenges that have​ to be considered before entering the market space. Listen, learn, watch, like, and share!

Wed October 30th


Why CHILI-Publish has such an enourmous ...

PRINTING United is, of course, about products, services, and network, but it's also about knowledge, sharing, learning, education, and sales. At PRINTING United we broadcasted LIVE from CHILI-Publisher's booth October 24th which was really cool. One of the inspiring people we spoke with was Director of Sales Operations, Seth Kane. In this film, he envisions the potential of CHILI in north-America, and we really liked talking with him, but dig in, and listen for yourselves.

Thu October 31st

Why Canon Exhibits at PRINTING United · ...

At PRINTING United INKISH broadcasted LIVE from Canon Solution America's booth, and it gave us a GREAT insight into the products, and services delivered by Canon. In this interview, Marketing Director Tonya Powers introduces our viewers to Canon Solutions America as well a short introduction to thINK which is a Canon user community. More about that in another film, but enjoy this intro, LIVE from Dallas October 23rd. 2019.

Mon February 11th


When ‘Super Size’ automation...

Automation is a big business. No question about that and every time we publish films or articles about workflow automation view numbers are higher. Most of the films we have done are about vendors talking about the advantages but at the 'Automatiserings" conference held by the federation of printers in Denmark in collaboration with Medit Consult, one of the speakers was our favorite go-to-workflow-person in the printing industry Diego Diaz. With a humble approach, he told the story about being the small printer seeing the need for automation to being a Solution Architect for one of the more exciting printing companies in the US - The Bernard Group. In this interview, Diego Diaz talks about the need for automation and why all printing companies regardless of size need to have automation. He gives plenty of examples of workflow solutions companies may already have, but not using. We love listening to Diego Diaz and when you have been at his amazing printing company you know this is not only talking​ but extremely substantial knowledge that Diego Diaz always willingly share with everyone interested! Watch, Like, and Share!

Tue March 8th


What’s Up Dscoop? · Eric Dalton · ...

Eric Dalton is the Director of Sales, GMG Color Americas. At DSCOOP they didn't exhibit but are one of the sponsors. Editor Morten B. Reitoft did this short interview where we talk about colors, why it's important, and whether there is any difference to the various color-management solutions on the market. Eric Dalton said their approach to color management is based on spectrographic measures and not LAB values - quite interesting and a fun interview. Enjoy! LinkedIn Profile:

Tue March 8th


What’s Up Dscoop · Thomas Schnettl...

Today we are all depending on location services and the German company locr has for years provided interesting and exciting opportunities using locations in print marketing. In this 'What's Up Dscoop,' Robert Godwin talks to Thomas Schnettler who explains what locr is, and what benefits the service offers customers. Personally (editor) I've always been amazed by how locr can be used offering smart dynamic maps to customers finding ways. If not entirely wrong (and editor again takes his changes here), imagine a mailing campaign where the location of a restaurant is shown on a map specifically relating to the receiver's address - and even with a map showing the shortest distance to the restaurant from your home, can easily be integrated into your campaign. Damn Smart! LinkedIn Profile:

Thu March 10th


What’s Up Dscoop · Steffen Haaga ·...

Steffen Haaga is responsible for Global Business Development for CERM. In this interview, we get a chance to talk about how focused CERM is with their MIS solution - dedicated to labels and packaging. First of all, MIS systems are not only about pricing but are deeply integrated into the entire process from pricing, planning, automated orderings of substrates - and therefore the dedicated focus allows CERM customers to really focus on more important things. But listen for yourself! LinkedIn Profile:

Wed March 9th


What’s Up Dscoop · Rob Bullen · Am...

Robert Bullen of American Label entered DSCOOP on a flying disc. No, really! He explains their unique use of in-mold labeling on substrates that go far beyond the world of ink-on-paper. The potential of personalized promotional products and exotic ink sets helps differentiate their sales portfolio in a crowded market. LinkedIn profile:

Wed March 9th


What’s Up Dscoop · Richard Rodrigu...

At DSCOOP we got the chance to see the AR headset HP customers use when using HP's remote service. Richard Rodriguez from HP shares his views on the importance of service, and also how the machines are getting better and better.