Wed November 13th


Think Smart Factory – We are the R...

Robots is an indispensable part of the Industry 4.0 future, and of course, Think Smart Factory in Kyoto show a few options. Here its the S-Cart from Nidec used on the show-floor. Enjoy the self-driving future :-)

Tue November 12th


Think Smart Factory · Day 1

What a start. Think Smart Factory is a new event, and without comparison, one of the best-executed events we have ever attended. Think Smart Factory is an event where all focus is on showing end-to-end solutions. There are ten different stations where you can see the flows from the paper intake to the output of a finished product. Clearly inspired by Hunkeler Innovationdays where it's also about equipment, but with an even more expressed dedication to show the entire workflow. This is a rare opportunity to see the entire process from when a job-ticket is created to the finished product delivered. But check out of show-report and look forward to seeing all ten workflows presented here on INKISH. Expect also interesting interviews with industry leaders from the show floor. Finally, you will get a new show report every day, and also articles on NEWS. Enjoy!

Sat November 9th


Highcon Open House at Virtual Packaging ...

To step into a printing company where the lobby looks more like a fancy café or restaurant is just raising the expectations, and the audience was for sure given food for the brain during the few hours open-house event. Highcon is the host, and INKISH was commissioned to cover the event, however, the coverage to turn out to interviews, and nice visuals. After a short introduction to the event by Vice President and General Manager Matt Bennets from Highcon Americas, the stage was hand over to Mike Ferrari. Ferrari is a well-established name in the industry as being a great speaker and motivator, and of course, the purpose was to give the audience an insight in why digital finishing is becoming more and more interesting. One of the high lights was that pricing of, i.e. packaging has to be seen from a different perspective than the production cost itself - or what brands pay today. The price has to be way more about what value it brings to a product. Short-run, personalization, and even completely new types of packaging are just a few of the promises. Then it was time for a demo. The work-floor had only two machines - a Landa S10, and a Highcon Beam - but those two machines are the ones that give Virtual Packaging a tremendous success. Highcon presented how fast the setup time was, the production of the DART (creasing), and then, of course, the production of different types of products. But why not just watch, and listen - after all a bit easier!

Fri November 8th


SPICYtalks19 · CHILI publish User Event ...

Second day from SPICYtalks19 in Berlin is over, and basically SPICYtalks19 is now history. What a show, and what a great event to be part of. Enjoy our second day coverage, and stay tuned for interviews shortly!

Thu November 7th


SPICYtalks19 · CHILI publish User Event ...

First day from SPICYtalks19 in Berlin is over, and we are awaiting another exciting day. The first day is always about meeting people you know, to check out the location, and to figure out what tracks to follow. INKISH was asked by CHILI publish to cover the event, which we really like - exciting people, amazingly great technology, and new network opportunities are just a few of the ingredients to make this soup SPICY. Enjoy our coverage of the first day, and stay tuned for Day 2. We will also have a range of great interviews (full length) with Kevin Goeminne, Theresa Regli, Thomas Julé, and Alan Dixon.

Fri November 1st


FESPA MADRID 2020 On The Radar · Graeme ...

At trade-shows you not only meet exhibitors and printers, but you also need people from other trade-shows. At PRINTING United 2019 we met Graeme Richardson-Locke who is the Technical Support Manager of FESPA. FESPA is global trade-shows, but FESPA is first and foremost a membership organisation. FESPA was founded in Denmark in 1961 and has since then grown to become an organisation with 26.000+ members. The strong community is, of course, important to the success of FESPA and in this film Graeme Richardson-Locke explains how FESPA support its members, and of course, also what to expect from the FESPA Madrid 2020 event. Enjoy!

Thu October 31st


Think Smart Factory · Kyoto November 11t...

Think Smart Factory is an upcoming event in Kyoto, Japan. As you can hear in this presentation, of the event, by Yoshihiro Oe, General Manager from Horizon International, the event is not so much like an exhibition. Rather than having booths where each exhibitor presents its products and services, Smart Factory is an opportunity to see equipment working together and see end-to-end productions. The "end-to-end" also includes the workflow part that is typically before print, of course. The event is developed by a group of companies including: Canon Marketing Japan. Inc. / DAC ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. / FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. / goof, inc. / HP Japan Inc. / Hunkeler AG / JSPIRITS Inc. / KONICA MINOLTA JAPAN, INC. / RESOLOGIC. Inc. / Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd. / RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. / SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. / TECNAU INKISH will be covering the event, and we can't wait to get to Kyoto. As Yoshihiro Oe also states in this interview, Kyoto is wonderful this time a year. Hope to see you there!

Sat October 26th


2019 Girls Who Print Girlie Award Winner...

Sabine Geldermann was awarded with the Girls Who Print 'Girlie Award 2019.' In the motivation for the price the Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn states the importance of Sabine Geldermanns work, and how she is seen as a role model for women globally. We congratulate Sabine Geldermann and are proud of supporting women who prints.

Sat October 26th

PRINTING United 2019 Day 3 · Multiple Lo...

Friday, October 25th 2019 was the last day of the first Printing United event. The last day we chose to film LIVE from the show floor. We covered 10+ exhibitors including PrintBox, Xerox, Solimar, Keypoint Intelligence, RISO, Konica-Minolta, Mindfire, and of course the President and CEO Ford Bowers from SGIA. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage. It was the first time we did a huge print-show like this, and though there is still room for improvement, we are still pretty happy with the result. Enjoy!

Fri October 25th


PRINTING United 2019 Day 2 · CHILI Publi...

One of the companies that have always continued to surprise us is CHILI Publish from Belgium. The company has one product on the shelf called CHILI Publisher and the first thing that comes to mind when you see it is Adobe InDesign in an online-version. However, CHILI Publisher is way more. It's an online templating and collaboration tool that enable users to create a stunning design online with sources from off-line to PIM's, DAM's and other data sources. October 24th we broadcasted LIVE from their booth at Printing United, and here is it. The un-edited version will shortly be trimmed into easier to consume 'bites' - however until then below is an approx. time-line. Enjoy! 7:56 Introduction and Interview with Fabian Prudhomme 17:18 LIVE demo with Sean Crowe incl. presentations of a few new features! 35:07 Interview with Seth Kane (issues with sound the first five/six seconds) 50:06 Print Sample TV LIVE with Pat McGrew 1:07 Interview with Fabian Prudhomme 1:20 LIVE demo/presentation by Sean Crowe and Elias Jo from Entourage Yearbooks 1:39 Interview with Fabian Prudhomme 1:52 Interview with Gabriel Flippo

Thu October 24th


PRINTING United 2019 Day 1 · Canon Solut...

This is the un-edited LIVE feed from Printing United Day 1, October 23rd 2019. Over the next week or so each interview will be cut and re-posted, so it's easier to find what interests you. Below you can find the apprx. times for each interview! 9:17 Introduction with Tonya Powers 16:20 Interview with Michael Poulin 28:55 Interview Perry Fernandez from PCI 47:31 Print Sample TV LIVE with Pat McGrew 1:10:20 Interview with Jeff Sarringar 1:22:48 Interview with Jane Nerf 1:34:52 Interview with Lucy Perez-Sierra 1:46:00 Interview with Tonya Powers and rounding up the LIVE broadcast.

Sat October 26th


STATUS: Printing United 2019 · Ford Bowe...

Printing United has been one of the most anticipated events in the US printing industry for at least some years. When a new trade-show of this scale is presented, most attendees, exhibitors, media, and of course, the people working with the event, set some expectations. Printing United was fantastic. Most of the time, exhibitors were very busy, and attendees used the show to gain knowledge, to see new products, to be inspired, and of course, to acquire new products, and services. The show had, in my opinion, fewer innovations than expected. Maybe this made Printing United "just" a perfect trade show because of the size, the optimism, and the fact that the organizers "under one roof" show was right. We will soon write a more detailed opinion on INKISH.NEWS about the event itself, and what kind of things we would like to see in the future. But here you can hear and see an interview with one of the driving forces behind Printing United, President & CEO Ford Bowers of the SGIA. This film was recorded LIVE.

Mon September 30th


Last Print® Show as ‘Brand Print&#...

When Print®19 open the doors in a few days, it will be the 51st show under the Print/GraphExpo show, but it will also be the last. From 2020 APTech has joined forces with Tarsus in forming a new global event named Brand Print. In this Interview, APTech President Thayer Long talks over both Print®19, Brand Print, APTech, and how he also sees the future. Enjoy!

Fri September 27th

2nd Show Report LabelExpo – Brusse...

After a slow start, LabelExpo took off, and for the people we spoke to, everything was great! The number of visitors, along with the quality, was two significant important comments. The media people we met in the Press Office were positive, though a few commented that there weren't that many new technological breakthroughs. I am not sure if that is 100% correct since shows don't only show products, but also represent trends. One of the more important trends at LabelExpo is the adaption of IoT and Industry 4.0. For many printers, this is most likely words with little resemblance, and we will, of course, tell more about what this is and how this can influence you as a printer.

Wed September 25th


LabelExpo Europe 2019 · Brussels, Belgiu...

LabelExpo Europe 2019 is one of the leading events in the printing industry, and of course, INKISH covers the show. The Daily show reports are our way of sharing the instant moment of the show, and during the next weeks, you will get insights from exiting industry leaders. You can expect interviews with Sagen De Jonge from Tilia Labs, Tyler Thompson also from Tilia Labs, Wim Fransen from Enfocus, Fabian Prudhomme from Chili-Publish, Kim Beswick from Memjet, and many more - stay tuned for the next video tomorrow :-)

Wed August 7th

Printing United Infomercial · See you in...

Printing United is just around the corner - Dallas October 23rd-25th- and we can't wait to cover the show. INKISH will be broadcasting our daily Lunch Hour live show with 2 hours live broadcast on our all channels. This infomercial is made to support Printing United - and we hope you both find it funny, and maybe even makes you consider to go to Dallas. We will be covering Printing United extensively and promise you a bit more serious coverage than this little promotion.

Fri August 16th


See you at Printing United in Dallas Oct...

We at INKISH, fully support Printing United, and we believe it's important that the entire industry back this event up. INKISH will cover the show extensively both with our upcoming INKISH.NEWS channel, as well with INKISH.TV. Daily INKISH will broadcast 'The Lunch-Break Hour" live show from 11 am to 1 pm. We will spice-up the show with interviews, demos, live-coverage from the show floor and on October 23rd even the Girlie Award 2019 ceremony. Who will be the winner in 2019? Well, tune into www.inkish.tv or facebook.com/inkishtv. If you are interested in joining us for our show, feel free to reach out to me at mre@inkish.tv.

Fri June 7th

Mark Subers on Why PRINTING United? · Ma...

Mark Subers is the President of PRINTING United and NAPCO, and in this video, we ask Mark Subers why there is a need for a new large expo - PRINTING United. The event takes place in Dallas, TX, USA October 23rd to 25th 2019 and just two weeks after Print19 in Chicago. PRINTING United grows out of the SGIA expo that for many years focused on Large Format printing. With PRINTING United NAPCO and SGIA are joining forces to attract both more visitors as well as more exhibitors. Looking at the exhibitor map here: https://pru19.mapyourshow.com/8_0/#/ the space is already limited for exhibitors who have still not decided to go. This is, of course, great news for the visitors since this indicates a massive interest from the industry. In this film, Mark Subers talks about the event and rest assured INKISH will, of course, cover the event with a daily LIVE show report. Remember to watch, like, and share this video.

Mon April 22nd


DRUPA is the worlds most important print...

At the recent Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, we bumped into Sabine Geldermann who is the Director of DRUPA, and we got the chance to sit down and talk to her about DRUPA 2020. DRUPA is by most people in the printing industry considered the most important and also the biggest – and as Sabine Geldermann tells in this film, vendors even plan developing cycles around the DRUPA 4 years cycles – so no wonder. However, looking at the numbers DRUPA also becomes smaller and smaller – and, of course, some of the decreases come from the fact that the industry is shrinking, but some may also come from the fact that trade shows, in general, have difficulties attracting the visitors to come. The numbers from the previous DRUPA in 2016 also show something that must be a challenge. 68% of the visitors came from Europe and only 9% from, i.e. North America. To be a true global print show requires not only vendors from all over the world but also visitors from all over the world. Sabine Geldermann tells that some local German tradeshows have closed and been absorbed by DRUPA but also that the number of visitors from outside Europe is growing. In this very openminded interview with Sabine Geldermann, you get a great insight into the upcoming DRUPA 2020, and though it still seems to be far away Sabine Geldermann tells INKISH.TV that the sales for 2020 have already reached the 2016 level and all key accounts are assured. Good for DRUPA, good for the industry – and regardless of where you are located it’s time to organize hotels, Airbnb’s and travels to be sure to get accommodation – and just in case you haven’t been in Düsseldorf before: Be prepared to spend an awful lot of money to get even the worst shitty hotel

Thu March 21st


Peacock Print Fair NYC 2019 · Postcard s...

"Project Peacock Print Fair is basically a traveling show-and-tell event where designers, print buyers, and the printing industry can see amazing print samples," and so it was. The very first Project Peacock Print Fair held in NYC March 14th, 2019 was merely great. The printing industry met the designers and print buyers, and cheerful music arose. Tobias Degsell from Combiner and Trish Witkowski from Foldfactory.com did two engaging keynotes, and the exhibitors presented some of the greatest print samples of today's technology. GREAT event!

Fri March 15th


Project Peacock Print Fair NYC · March 1...

Project Peacock Print Fair is honestly one of the best events we have attended and it's a new event, it's a recurring event, and it's just different. Most of the events in the printing industry are directed to the printing companies and are mostly about equipment. Project Peacock Print Fair is an opportunity for the vendors in the printing industry to communicate directly with designers, purchasers, brand-owners, and all the people that influence the purchasing of print. The show is founded by the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse Ms. Deborah Corn - and this event was simply stunning. The location at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in NYC was fantastic and with almost 300 attendees and many representing impressive accounts - everybody was I would say both surprised and happy. INKISH got the chance to test our newest equipment to broadcast live and in this cut-down version you can see what we are capable of doing now - we are thrilled! Later you will get an official postcard from us - and during the next week's extensive interviews with Tonya Powers from Canon, Mark Subers from NAPCO, Sarah Markfield from APTech, and Donna Covannon from Xeikon - so stay tuned!

Thu February 28th

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 – Day...

Our last day in Lucerne - and still capturing happy faces wherever we go. Great deals announced and as CEO Michel Hunkeler tells us "Everybody anticipated a faster growth with Inkjet and were wrong, but now the technology has matured, the quality of print, binding, and embellishment is ready, and the market is ready to invest." Always interesting to follow statements like this and we will, of course, check up on this in the future as well. For INKISH.TV this is over and out from Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 - it was great, it was fun, we learned a lot, and as always great to meet good friends from all over the world!

Wed February 27th


Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 – Day...

The second day of Hunkeler Innovationdays was once more a day filled with great impressions, great interviews, great equipment, and great people. In this film editor, Morten Reitoft talks (too much) about the value proposition and you can see nice examples on section sewn books from Meccanotecnica as well as beautiful samples from Scodix. Stay tuned and remember to subscribe to our newsletter!

Tue February 26th


Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 – Day...

Hunkeler Innovationdays is one of the most important events in the print industry. The event takes place every second year in Lucerne, Switzerland and is all about digital web-based printing technology - or so it used to be. Hunkeler announced their first finishing equipment for sheetfed printing at this years first day and it seems only a natural step since the print manufacturers are producing sheet based equipment. See our first Day here and stay tuned for interviews and more daily show reports.!