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Fri May 1st


Yoshihiro Oe · Over The Skype · Horizon ...

In this 'Over the Session' with Yoshihiro Oe, General Manager, Global Business, Horizon International, we get a chance to understand both how IoT and workflow/automation is a tremendously important part of Horizon, but also how the postponing of drupa influence the launch of new products. As usual, it's a pleasure talking to Yoshihiro, so please watch, like, and enjoy. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Sun October 25th


Yet another Label Love Affair · Pat McGr...

You don't have to know Pat McGrew for a long time before you experience her sparkling interest in print. At LabelExpo, when it was still possible to attend these physical events, known as trade-shows, Pat McGrew fell in love with the combined HP and Kurz label solution - Really lovely...

Fri May 7th


Xplore great opportunities · Pat McGrew ...

Print Sample TV host Pat McGrew has been a member of Xplore for years, and in this episode, she brings a new fresh perspective that may help you find new customers. Federations and associations often give up on printed member magazines, but with digital, and personalization new options may be out there. Get your sample dose right here on Print Sample TV.

Wed January 2nd



At the recent Automation event, Dr. Rainer Prosi gave a presentation over XJDF and Industry 4.0. For some maybe not that exciting but honestly this is the very backbone of workflow and super optimization of the printing industry. Dr. Rainer Prosi is a legend in this field and he has been tremendously important in the development of CIP4 where is positioned as Technical Officer. In this film, Prosi says that CIP3 is a no-brainer and really valuable regardless of your printing company. For CIP4 where data is delivered from the printing machine and back to the IT-systems he tells that not all printing companies are buying into this - unfortunately. Great film - watch, like, and share.

Thu February 15th

Xeikon@Argos Inspiration Days · March 6t...

Xeikon is one of the leading developers of digital reel-based printing machines - and also one of the pioneers in the digital domain. Today Xeikon is owned by Flint Group and we can't wait to see what they will show and tell at in Brussels.

Mon August 10th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Xavier De Coker · Over The Skype · Drukk...

In this 'Over the Skype' session, Manager Xavier De Coker from Drukkerijgroep AlbeDeCoker talks with Jacques Michiels from INKISH Benelux about the challenges and preparations for a “generational change” within a medium-sized graphic company. A tough subject that many printing companies are confronted with or will face in the (near) future. Xavier also provides insights into what he believes can be important distinguishing factors for a modern graphics company in which a win-win model in pursuit of cost savings and efficiency are important. Furthermore, the purchasing philosophy adapted by AlbeDeCoker regarding Sustainability and Green and Lean Supply chain / suppliers is up for discussion AND becoming a part of their strategy, even further than, for example, FSC and PEFC certified raw materials. An important signal / message to the graphics supply industry ?! Watch, like and share as usual ! In deze 'Over the Skype'-sessie spreekt Manager Xavier De Coker van Drukkerijgroep AlbeDeCoker met Jacques Michiels van INKISH Benelux over de uitdagingen en voorbereidingen van een “generatiewissel” binnen een middelgroot grafisch bedrijf, een pittig onderwerp waar vele drukkerijen mee geconfronteerd worden of zullen worden in de (nabije) toekomst. Xavier geeft verder nog inzichten in wat volgens hem belangrijke onderscheidende factoren kunnen zijn voor een moderne grafisch bedrijf waarin een win-win model bij streven naar kostenbesparing en effeciëntie belangrijk zijn. Verder staat de door AlbeDeCoker aangepaste inkoopfilosofie met betrekking tot Duurzaamheid en Groene en Lean Supply chain / leveranciers ter discussie als onderdeel van hun strategie, zelfs verder dan de FSC en PEFC gecertificeerde grondstoffen. Een belangrijk signaal / bericht naar de grafische toeleveringsindustrie ?! Kijk, “like” en deel zoals gewoonlijk!

Wed September 8th


Working with Solimar · Robert Tokar · CE...

Wolverine Solutions Group handles millions of letters, printing, addressing, enveloping, and managing all the mission-critical data that ensure delivery of health-, financial, insurance, and marketing information posted to households all over the US. Of course, hardware is important, but in this film, we focus mainly on the software provided by Solimar. Wolverine is an impressive company, and we are confident that you can find inspiration and, of course, a good reason why you should reach out to either Wolverine or Solimar.

Fri August 24th

Workflow Summit – November 13th 20...

Our friends at Grafkom is hosting a new international event called Workflow Summit. 22 sessions split into 3 tracks with loads of information about workflow, automation, color management, DFE and more - read more at

Thu January 3rd


Workflow is in general misunderstood · D...

The name David Zwang is well recognized in the printing industry and his work or maybe even better-expressed influence on the printing industry can't be underestimated. In this INKISH episode, David Zwang talks about workflow. Working as a consult for print service providers, as well as his writings on and of course his work in the Ghent Workgroup gives him unprecedented insight into what's important and not. One of the things Zwang touches upon in this episode is the misinterpretation of 'workflow' where he states that workflow has become more of a marketing buzz-word rather than a process description. But watch, listen, Like, and share.

Thu October 31st


Workflow Drives the Productivity · Jane ...

Jane Nerf works with software and workflow solutions. The workflow suite Canon offer is called PRISMA and is essentially an umbrella of products and services. The solutions delivered today are vendor agnostic, making it possible for Canon to deliver solutions either as part of an existing workflow or as part of a broader solution. Jane Nerf excellently explains why Canon could be a solution partner for you and your company. But listen for yourself and judge!

Tue September 21st


Without Investments We have NO Chance · ...

Production and Sales Director Mirko Breznan from TBB in Slovakia is very direct when he in this film says, "Without investing, there is no chance of surviving." And that is precisely what the company does. INKISH visited the printing company and, it was an exciting business to see how books are printed in a modern 100% up-to-date production. Offset equipment, binding equipment, efficient workflow, and spiced with the recent investment in Scodix - digital enhancement. Watch this really nice looking film, and enjoy!

Mon August 19th

With 100 jobs follows 100 “standar...

Idealliance is a well-known international organization and the founder of G7. In previous INKISH films, we have shared information about the G7 organization led by Tim Baechle. In this quite exciting interview with Mr. Selvan from Pressman (who represents Idealliance in India), we get an insight into some of the challenges with color-management in India. Color-Management is not only interesting for the brand-owners, but also for the printing companies Selvan explains - and even with more than a 1.000 programs in place in India - still, 249.000 is remaining. Visiting India, and looking at the quality of print - the delta E's are quite big, to say it mildly, but no question that the work Pressman/Idealliance does is excellent, valuable, and well-received!

Tue April 21st


Wim Fransen · Over The Skype · Enfocus

Wim Fransen is one of our frequent guests here at INKISH, so of course, we were very curious to hear more about Enfocus these days. That was good. First of all both PitStop and Switch are being updated to 2020 editions - and quite some features are revealed. I.e. PitStop got a new feature that enables it to look into the document processed and compare, i.e. logos, etc. for being the right version. This is of course, truly amazing, but it's just one of more features. For the API people Switch got a major make-over in their scripting language, that we now know, is a feature that IT people have been wanting for a long time. AND - One More Thing. Wim Fransen reveals the frame-work of new software that Enfocus is currently developing. Though details are still limited, it's the first new product from Enfocus in years (besides the many major updates of PitStop and Switch of course.) As with all our 'Over the Skype' interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Fri May 15th


Wilson Chung · Over The Skype · WYS Syst...

"Over the Skype" has been the INKISH response to the coronavirus crisis, but it has given us tons of opportunities to talk to exciting people from all over the world. In this session, we talk to Wilson Chunk, who works and live in Hong Kong. Wilson Chung works with Idealliance and is a colour specialist and a capacity in both Hong Kong and China. With several books, hardware- and software development, we are sure you will enjoy listening to Wilson Chung's great story here on "Over the Skype." As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Sun December 6th


Why Smart Factory in Production Print? ·...

The next industrial revolution has already arrived. With a continuing surge in new technology and data analytics, the first generation of Industry 4.0 is rapidly making automation essential on the Production Print floor. Meanwhile, we continue to evolve towards the fifth industrial revolution focused on mass customization and personalization for customers. Though the need for an automated workflow is becoming universal, there’s no one-size-fits all solution. Jobs flow differently in commercial print shops than they do in high-volume transactional data centers, direct mail houses, or book manufacturing. During this session, you will hear from industry experts from Canon the advantages of automating the entire production print process from start to finish. Speaker for this session are: Allen Filson · Jane Nerf · Dennis Soucy · Nick Thorne

Mon December 6th


Why Robots in the graphics arts industry...

German language · English subtitles. Robots are essential in the production of, i.e., cars. Still, though the printing industry also experiences heavy lifting and repetitive work, it's only now robots are entering into binderies in particular. We talk to robot specialist Henrik Christiansen from Cool Graphics, who works with MBO on various robot projects. In this film, he explains the difference between robots and cobots. Together with CEO Thomas Heininger, they both talk about why robots are becoming more and more critical. Important! LinkedIn: Thomas Heininger Henrik Christiansen

Wed July 24th

Why Not Print Your Own Wardrobe? · Print...

It's not because your host, Pat McGrew forgot or lost her luggage (but that happens) at FESPA that she talks over shirts - but here she is truly amazed over the possibilities today possible. In this 25th Print Sample TV, Pat McGrew speaks over the 'Sports factory' from FESPA Berlin where the print sample is an actual print produced on the spot. From a computer, Pat McGrew select colors, font faces, bands, etc. and shortly after she get's her own personalized shirt. Watch, Like, and Share (as usual)

Mon October 29th


Why is swissQprint so successful? · Maur...

swissQprint is according to Infosource one of the leading large-format print vendors in Europe and when you look at the interest in their products this seems to be correct. In this interview recorded at FESPA 2018 in Berlin, Product Manager Maurus Zeller tell that swissQprint is both more expensive but also at the same time much better. Take a look at this film and let us know what you think. Whenever we go to international exhibitions the swissQprint machines deliver an unparalleled quality.

Sun December 2nd


Why Everybody Needs Automation · Toon Va...

Many believe automation is only for the bigger or for the few. In this interview, we asked Product Manager Toon Van Rossum from Enfocus why automation is something everybody should consider. We actually ask Toon Van Rossum the same question three times but in perspective; the small printing company, the medium size printing company and finally the large printing company and well - listen to Toon Van Rossum's answers and consider whether this applies to you and your printing company!

Thu January 24th


Why Considering Label Print as part of y...

At the annual meeting for Federation of Norwegian Printers, we got the chance to meet with Senior Management Consultant Michael Bach Nielsen from Medit Consult. He is one of the leading consultants in the Scandinavian print market and has a great insight in both label print - as well as management in general. No doubt that many printers these days are looking for alternatives in their offerings and though label seems to be a consistent and profitable business area, Michael Bach Nielsen warns about the challenges that have​ to be considered before entering the market space. Listen, learn, watch, like, and share!

Wed October 30th


Why CHILI-Publish has such an enourmous ...

PRINTING United is, of course, about products, services, and network, but it's also about knowledge, sharing, learning, education, and sales. At PRINTING United we broadcasted LIVE from CHILI-Publisher's booth October 24th which was really cool. One of the inspiring people we spoke with was Director of Sales Operations, Seth Kane. In this film, he envisions the potential of CHILI in north-America, and we really liked talking with him, but dig in, and listen for yourselves.

Thu October 31st

Why Canon Exhibits at PRINTING United · ...

At PRINTING United INKISH broadcasted LIVE from Canon Solution America's booth, and it gave us a GREAT insight into the products, and services delivered by Canon. In this interview, Marketing Director Tonya Powers introduces our viewers to Canon Solutions America as well a short introduction to thINK which is a Canon user community. More about that in another film, but enjoy this intro, LIVE from Dallas October 23rd. 2019.

Mon February 11th


When ‘Super Size’ automation...

Automation is a big business. No question about that and every time we publish films or articles about workflow automation view numbers are higher. Most of the films we have done are about vendors talking about the advantages but at the 'Automatiserings" conference held by the federation of printers in Denmark in collaboration with Medit Consult, one of the speakers was our favorite go-to-workflow-person in the printing industry Diego Diaz. With a humble approach, he told the story about being the small printer seeing the need for automation to being a Solution Architect for one of the more exciting printing companies in the US - The Bernard Group. In this interview, Diego Diaz talks about the need for automation and why all printing companies regardless of size need to have automation. He gives plenty of examples of workflow solutions companies may already have, but not using. We love listening to Diego Diaz and when you have been at his amazing printing company you know this is not only talking​ but extremely substantial knowledge that Diego Diaz always willingly share with everyone interested! Watch, Like, and Share!

Thu September 24th


What is the Smart Factory? · Smart Facto...

The Smart Factory and the Industrial Revolution - by Yves d’Aviau de Ternay, Jacques Michiels & Morten B. Reitoft