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Tue April 26th


Zuzanna Kokot · Product Manager · Avery ...

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Fri October 21st


Z75 · Mike Herold · Director Global Mark...

We had hoped to see the new Ricoh Z75 at PRINTING United, but we got the second best, namely Mike Herold, Director of Global Marketing, AND some stunning print samples. In this film, we talk about the market. Though Herold doesn't say anything directly about this, I believe the quality of the range of substrates the Z75 can print on is a B2 format toner-based killer - or at least a very interesting consideration. Even though the quality is very high and with high densities, the operational cost of an inkjet machine is considered lower than a toner-based one. For the printers, of course, very good news! Looking forward to getting a chance to see the machine in action with a PSP. I like this interview, so dig in!

Thu May 25th


Yuki Ozeki · General Manager · brother ·...

Brother's top management is on hand at the Fespa show to witness the launch of their new WF1 large format printer. Yuki Ozeki talks to editor Jacques Michiels about the new market they are entering. It was a well-considered strategic decision, says Yuki. Thanks to years of experience in industrial printing and Brother's own R&D in inks and printheads, this new step was logical.

Tue May 10th


You’re buying the equipment, but y...

Richmark Label is located in downtown Seattle and we found a cool-looking urban-style graffiti-painted building with an atmosphere - but soon we realized that Bill Donner who owns it has fewer passions for the building and its history. However, inside the building, we found a label manufacturer producing both flexo and digital. In this film, Bill Donner explains his strategy of always buying more than one machine, as well as how important the relationship is with both the salesperson as well as the company producing the machine. BOBST has placed its more and more recognized Mouvent digital label presses on the floor of Richmark Labels with more to come shortly. Enjoy!

Thu February 10th


You Name it, We print it · Paul Willems ...

At FESPA 2021, Head of Product Management and Business Development, Paul Willems from Roland DG, talks to Jacques Michiels from INKISH Benelux about the possibilities with Roland equipment. Flat, rounded, wood, plastic, glass, metal - and of course, paper - but also an anniversary product launch - so dig in for more information!

Fri May 1st


Yoshihiro Oe · Over The Skype · Horizon ...

In this 'Over the Session' with Yoshihiro Oe, General Manager, Global Business, Horizon International, we get a chance to understand both how IoT and workflow/automation is a tremendously important part of Horizon, but also how the postponing of drupa influence the launch of new products. As usual, it's a pleasure talking to Yoshihiro, so please watch, like, and enjoy. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Sun October 25th


Yet another Label Love Affair · Pat McGr...

You don't have to know Pat McGrew for a long time before you experience her sparkling interest in print. At LabelExpo, when it was still possible to attend these physical events, known as trade-shows, Pat McGrew fell in love with the combined HP and Kurz label solution - Really lovely...

Wed June 5th


Yasuo Taketsugu · Manager · Horizon Inte...

It was always great talking to Yasuo Taketsugu from Horizon International. The company showcases a lot of technology in its booths and its partners' booths. As always, the focus is on increased productivity and automation, but this time also on partners like Ultimate Tech. Enjoy the interview, and don't forget to see our Horizon Post Card as well!

Tue May 14th


Yasuo Taketsugu · Horizon International ...

Reitoft welcomes Taketsugu and thanks him for joining despite the late hour in Japan. Taketsugu, representing Horizon, is busy preparing for Drupa, the major industry show in Düsseldorf. Reitoft expresses admiration for Horizon's continuous innovation and commitment to R&D. Taketsugu affirms that Horizon is still developing new ideas and is committed to achieving its smart factory concept, which began in 2019 and remains a work in progress. They discuss Horizon's use of robotics, AGVs, and robot arms, all integral to their smart factory initiatives. Taketsugu explains that the demand for such technology is growing, particularly in Europe and the US, where automation is sought for repetitive tasks. Although Japan's printing industry lags in adopting new technologies, Taketsugu mentions that labor shortages due to an aging population are driving a gradual increase in demand for automation. The conversation shifts to Horizon's iCE LiNK platform, which integrates both hardware and software, emphasizing the importance of data collection for operational efficiency. Taketsugu highlights the collaboration with software vendors to enhance data utility, which benefits both Horizon and its customers by providing insights and predictive maintenance alerts. Reitoft inquires about data security concerns. Taketsugu reassures that Horizon only collects machine data, not personal data, and emphasizes customer transparency. They discuss Horizon's long-standing partnerships, such as with Hunkeler, which continue despite industry changes like acquisitions. Taketsugu shares that Horizon will showcase 18 different solutions at Drupa, including bookbinding technologies and various automated systems. Reitoft praises Horizon's modular equipment design, which allows for scalability and integration based on customer needs. Reitoft acknowledges Horizon's market-driven approach and the importance of customer feedback in its development process. Taketsugu mentions Horizon's expansive booth at Drupa, which will feature live presentations and demonstrations by knowledgeable staff. Finally, Reitoft and Taketsugu discuss the overall market outlook. While the printing industry's volume may be shrinking, opportunities within specific segments, such as books with increasing titles but shorter runs, are growing. Taketsugu highlights the feasibility of short-run and on-demand printing, which aligns with current market trends.  

Wed May 8th


Yarden Ben-Dor · Senior Director Product...

Yarden Ben-Dor says that Benny Landa (of course) is very involved in the company and is often seen in the labs helping engineers with ideas. Still, they are also engaged in the employees' well-being, for example, how the cantine operates and how the company encourages people to eat together (and Landa serves food in the morning, lunch, and dinner)—here, of course, we talk about the S11, applications, etc. It was great talking to Yarden Ben-Dor.

Wed May 8th


Yarden Ben-Dor · Senior Director · Landa...

The Landa S11 and S11P is a new iteration of the S10 and S10P currently in the market - and for the S10's that have IR drying, these can be upgraded to the new S11. S11 has new software for improved quality and a speed option, allowing the machine to print 11,200 B1 sheets an hour. In this walkthrough of the S11, together with Yardon Ben-Dor, we talk about the machine and also look at how the machine is built. The S11 and S11P will be shown at drupa, and the upgraded versions are for immediate delivery, so there is no waiting time. And we DID see the machine run 11,200 B1 sheets per hour :-)

Fri May 7th


Xplore great opportunities · Pat McGrew ...

Print Sample TV host Pat McGrew has been a member of Xplore for years, and in this episode, she brings a new fresh perspective that may help you find new customers. Federations and associations often give up on printed member magazines, but with digital, and personalization new options may be out there. Get your sample dose right here on Print Sample TV.

Wed January 2nd



At the recent Automation event, Dr. Rainer Prosi gave a presentation over XJDF and Industry 4.0. For some maybe not that exciting but honestly this is the very backbone of workflow and super optimization of the printing industry. Dr. Rainer Prosi is a legend in this field and he has been tremendously important in the development of CIP4 where is positioned as Technical Officer. In this film, Prosi says that CIP3 is a no-brainer and really valuable regardless of your printing company. For CIP4 where data is delivered from the printing machine and back to the IT-systems he tells that not all printing companies are buying into this - unfortunately. Great film - watch, like, and share.

Thu February 2nd

Fr En Fr

XEROX facilitateur de la transition numé...

On retrouve Isabelle Savin, responsable Marketing chez Xerox. Nous abordons avec elle le sujet de la transformation digitale et comment Xerox voit son rôle dans ce processus d'accompagnement.

Tue February 28th


Xerox · Andrew Gunn · Hunkeler Innovatio...

Beyond CMYK and many people at the Xerox booth makes the people we talk to very happy, obviously. Andrew Gunn talks about the Xerox Iridesse platform, and we realize it may be the only CMYK+ machine on the show floor. Enjoy!

Thu February 15th

Xeikon@Argos Inspiration Days · March 6t...

Xeikon is one of the leading developers of digital reel-based printing machines - and also one of the pioneers in the digital domain. Today Xeikon is owned by Flint Group and we can't wait to see what they will show and tell at in Brussels.

Fri March 3rd


Xeikon · Dimitri Van Gaever · Hunkeler I...

Xeikon introduced the Sirius platform a while back, but at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023, the SX30000 was presented for the first time at a show. In this film, Market Segment Director Dimitri Van Gaever guides you into the platform why Xeikon has decided to offer a toner-based platform in times when competitors offer inkjet platforms. We also see a charming sample, maybe an answer in itself?

Mon August 10th

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Xavier De Coker · Over The Skype · Drukk...

In this 'Over the Skype' session, Manager Xavier De Coker from Drukkerijgroep AlbeDeCoker talks with Jacques Michiels from INKISH Benelux about the challenges and preparations for a “generational change” within a medium-sized graphic company. A tough subject that many printing companies are confronted with or will face in the (near) future. Xavier also provides insights into what he believes can be important distinguishing factors for a modern graphics company in which a win-win model in pursuit of cost savings and efficiency are important. Furthermore, the purchasing philosophy adapted by AlbeDeCoker regarding Sustainability and Green and Lean Supply chain / suppliers is up for discussion AND becoming a part of their strategy, even further than, for example, FSC and PEFC certified raw materials. An important signal / message to the graphics supply industry ?! Watch, like and share as usual ! In deze 'Over the Skype'-sessie spreekt Manager Xavier De Coker van Drukkerijgroep AlbeDeCoker met Jacques Michiels van INKISH Benelux over de uitdagingen en voorbereidingen van een “generatiewissel” binnen een middelgroot grafisch bedrijf, een pittig onderwerp waar vele drukkerijen mee geconfronteerd worden of zullen worden in de (nabije) toekomst. Xavier geeft verder nog inzichten in wat volgens hem belangrijke onderscheidende factoren kunnen zijn voor een moderne grafisch bedrijf waarin een win-win model bij streven naar kostenbesparing en effeciëntie belangrijk zijn. Verder staat de door AlbeDeCoker aangepaste inkoopfilosofie met betrekking tot Duurzaamheid en Groene en Lean Supply chain / leveranciers ter discussie als onderdeel van hun strategie, zelfs verder dan de FSC en PEFC gecertificeerde grondstoffen. Een belangrijk signaal / bericht naar de grafische toeleveringsindustrie ?! Kijk, “like” en deel zoals gewoonlijk!

Fri October 21st


World’s first Scodix Ultra 6000 SO...

He was happy. He was really, really happy, and for good reasons. Donald Droppo Jr. was one of the first US Scodix S75 customers years back, and here at PRINTING United 2022, he is again becoming a 'first.' Donald Droppo Jr. is the President and CEO of Sandy Hook-based Curtis Packaging - a company with historical roots in packaging back in 1845. The new Scodix Ultra 6000 offers many new technologies, and in this film, we talk about equipment, market, quality, and opportunities - great things to learn from. I would like to share one takeaway: Donald Droppo Jr. expects to use the Ultra 6000 in print runs up to 25,000 sheets, but watch, listen, and learn!

Wed September 8th


Working with Solimar · Robert Tokar · CE...

Wolverine Solutions Group handles millions of letters, printing, addressing, enveloping, and managing all the mission-critical data that ensure delivery of health-, financial, insurance, and marketing information posted to households all over the US. Of course, hardware is important, but in this film, we focus mainly on the software provided by Solimar. Wolverine is an impressive company, and we are confident that you can find inspiration and, of course, a good reason why you should reach out to either Wolverine or Solimar.

Sat November 26th


Workflow/Automation using ICE link · Yui...

Besides robots, workflow/automation is one of the most important topics throughout the IGAS 2022 event. The name for Horizon's workflow/automation solution is called I.C.E. Link, which is short for Intelligence/Integration/Interaction, Connection, and Efficiency. Essentially the software connects machines (from Horizon and other brands as well) and enables the owners to plan maintenance, and push jobs to the machines, using JDF enables workflow software suites and integrates with other solutions. At IGAS Horizon shows integration to Heidelberg Prinect, Revoria One, and more... The essence of I.C.E. Link is greatly presented by Yuichiro Dei.

Fri August 24th

Workflow Summit – November 13th 20...

Our friends at Grafkom is hosting a new international event called Workflow Summit. 22 sessions split into 3 tracks with loads of information about workflow, automation, color management, DFE and more - read more at

Thu January 3rd


Workflow is in general misunderstood · D...

The name David Zwang is well recognized in the printing industry and his work or maybe even better-expressed influence on the printing industry can't be underestimated. In this INKISH episode, David Zwang talks about workflow. Working as a consult for print service providers, as well as his writings on and of course his work in the Ghent Workgroup gives him unprecedented insight into what's important and not. One of the things Zwang touches upon in this episode is the misinterpretation of 'workflow' where he states that workflow has become more of a marketing buzz-word rather than a process description. But watch, listen, Like, and share.