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Fri September 10th


Dursun Acun · Owner/General Manager · OP...

Imagine how difficult it is to get ink to stick to a metal surface! Imagine how difficult it is with water-based ink - and voila, here is OPM-Europa and the LabelSaver solution. Or, to be more correct, almost there. The R&D is finished, and the first machines are assembled and soon ready for water-based inkjet printing on round surfaces like cans, bottles, plastics, glass, and metal. In this interview, owner and General Manager Dursun Acun share the journey with you - we find it inspiring. Once again, a vendor shows how the Memjet technology can be utilized in a new application. Enjoy! Find Dursun Acun's LinkedIn profile here.

Tue March 14th


Durst has become the market leader by Ch...

At ICE/InPrint in Munich, you didn't only meet DURST but also Koenig & Bauer, Koenig Bauer Durst, and Durst - three legal entities that have decided to work together. Many are foreseeing the new VarioJet 106 that will soon hit the folding carton market, but in this film, we also get the chance to talk to Vice President of Sales Christian Harder about the success based on product diversification, having a clear focus on being the best in each of the segments the company addresses - and well, listen to the story and learn. Durst is a well-established company, but despite its age, it has developed into a company that today defines what many companies would like to be!

Tue February 6th

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DURST · David Gobert · C!Print Lyon 2024...

DURST expose pour la première fois au C!Print, confirmant qu'il s'agit d'un marché important pour la marque. David explique comment ils voient le marché en France et pourquoi il est important pour eux d'être également présents ici.

Thu February 8th

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Duplo France · Mathieu Stark · C!Print 2...

Duplo présente une première européenne et a choisi C!Print pour le présenter au public. Il fallait donc venir voir. Mathieu Stark nous raconte tout. — Duplo is showing a European première and has chosen C!Print to show it at the public. So we had to come and see. Mathieu Stark tels us all about it.

Wed February 1st

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DUPLO fournisseur de polyvalence

On retrouve Philippe Bochon, Directeur général pour la France de tous les produits Duplo. Il nous fait découvrir les propositions du salon et les solutions Duplo, notamment leur produit phare, le massicot raineur. Il nous donne son opinion personnelle et sa vision de l'industrie depuis sa fenêtre chez Duplo. Nous faisons le point sur la situation après cette période difficile de crise sanitaire, qui semble enfin être dans le rétroviseur.

Mon April 22nd


DRUPA is the worlds most important print...

At the recent Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, we bumped into Sabine Geldermann who is the Director of DRUPA, and we got the chance to sit down and talk to her about DRUPA 2020. DRUPA is by most people in the printing industry considered the most important and also the biggest – and as Sabine Geldermann tells in this film, vendors even plan developing cycles around the DRUPA 4 years cycles – so no wonder. However, looking at the numbers DRUPA also becomes smaller and smaller – and, of course, some of the decreases come from the fact that the industry is shrinking, but some may also come from the fact that trade shows, in general, have difficulties attracting the visitors to come. The numbers from the previous DRUPA in 2016 also show something that must be a challenge. 68% of the visitors came from Europe and only 9% from, i.e. North America. To be a true global print show requires not only vendors from all over the world but also visitors from all over the world. Sabine Geldermann tells that some local German tradeshows have closed and been absorbed by DRUPA but also that the number of visitors from outside Europe is growing. In this very openminded interview with Sabine Geldermann, you get a great insight into the upcoming DRUPA 2020, and though it still seems to be far away Sabine Geldermann tells INKISH.TV that the sales for 2020 have already reached the 2016 level and all key accounts are assured. Good for DRUPA, good for the industry – and regardless of where you are located it’s time to organize hotels, Airbnb’s and travels to be sure to get accommodation – and just in case you haven’t been in Düsseldorf before: Be prepared to spend an awful lot of money to get even the worst shitty hotel

Fri October 23rd


drupa 2021 to be canceled · Andreas Webe...

*This is our opinion based on intense research that we will write about in a series of articles on INKISH NEWS in the week from October 26th-30th. We are confident that Drupa 2021 WILL be canceled - or at least, our analysis of the situation points in that direction. The conversation between Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH, and Morten Reitoft, Editor-in-Chief, INKISH, is an appetizer to a week with articles about drupa. For the past many weeks, we have talked to people in the industry, other exhibition venues, media, sub-contractors, hotels, restaurants, and many more about the situation in Düsseldorf. The COVID-19 situation is, of course, the reason for the uncertainty, but why isn't drupa canceling drupa 2021? As with so many things, it's because of money. The drupa machine is vast, and the impact on the printing industry and the city of Düsseldorf is unimaginable. The situation for exhibitors is not comfortable. Lots of money is tight to drupa, and Messecenter Düsseldorf, and how drupa is handling the current situation, is most likely influencing the tradeshow's very future. Signup to our newsletter on INKISH NEWS and get notifications when articles about drupa are released! Signup link:

Tue December 4th


Driving The Sales By Educating · CEO Jan...

Jan-Olof Jungersten is the distributor of HP Graphic Arts equipment in his company Visutech, in the Nordic and he and his company recently celebrated their 30 years anniversary at Scanpack 2018. INKISH do not so often cover representatives but of course, we have exceptions. Jan-Olof Jungersten is not only the first Indigo channel in the world, but he is also an author. His third book 'Transmission - Transform the Packaging Industry' is about how he sees the changes in demand, changes in technology, and how we as a printing industry needs to adapt to the new order of the world. As he says "digital is not only about the machines​ but also about the mindset" (free from memory). So, in this INKISH film, he shares some of his visions, some speculations, some considerations put in Swedish perspective - and of course, considerations about both HP and the market in general. Enjoy!

Wed March 1st


Drewsen Spezialpapiere · Eyvaz Tayan · H...

Drewsen Spezialpapiere is an almost 500 years old paper manufacturer based outside Hannover in Germany. At Hunkeler Innovationdays, Eyvaz Tayan takes the temperature of the digital market as the company develops paper to fit a customer's need. Interesting story, and please also soon see our documentary from Drewsen Spezialpapiere on INKISH.TV.

Thu April 20th


Dr. Thomas List · BHS · CFO · BHS Open H...

At the BHS Open House in Münster, BHS CFO Dr. Thomas List presented a Pay-Per-Use model for BHS equipment, making the cost of running an operation almost 100% variable, doesn't impact the balance sheet and enabling customers to scale faster. In this interview, Editor Morten B. Reitoft tries to understand how the components in financing work - and we believe it's a good session to learn from. Enjoy!

Wed June 22nd


Dr. Steffen Scheibenstock · Scribos · KU...

Counterfeiting is a much larger issue than most would believe. In this film, Steffen Scheibenstock explains how KURZ and print can support brand owners. See solutions printed directly on the package to complex and extremely interesting options. With Scribos' solutions, it's possible to monitor how products are being checked globally in real-time. Amazing!

Thu June 23rd


Dr. Markus von Beyer · KURZ · KURZ Label...

In this interview, Dr. Markus von Beyer explains how KURZ addresses the sustainability agenda - as well as how KURZ work on lowering the company's carbon footprint as well as how they assist customers in achieving higher sustainability through the development of new products. Super interesting to hear how a lower carbon footprint can go hand in hand with packaging that sells!

Tue September 27th


Dr. Johannes Warther · Senior Consultant...

Every day at 11.00 a speaker is presented on the stage. Today, September 27th, 2022, it was Dr. Johannes Warther from Apenberg & Partners. The company is a consultancy company and has specialized in consulting printing companies. Among the topics were acquisitions and consolidations - which many find interesting in these challenging times! The presentation is done in both German and English at the same time!

Thu May 25th


Dr. Aleksey Etin · Owner · Veika · FESPA...

At Fespa 2023, we meet Dr. Aleksey Etin, the owner of UAB Veika but better known in the market under the brand name DIMENSE. A really interesting showcase of 3D digital large-format printing and embossing technology. Let's see what's so special and new in this niche market. Interesting stuff, enjoy!

Fri April 24th


Dr Lal Sadasivan · Over the Skype · FHI...

Of course, the coronavirus is a subject that concerns many people. How does the virus spread, and is paper products something you should be worried about? In this 'Over the Skype' INKISH editor and Country Manager INKISH India, K.S. Ashik talk to the recognized Dr Lal Sadasivan from FHI360 based in Washington D.C. about this - so here you get the newest and latest. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Tue November 24th

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Down to the Copy of One · Volker Leonhar...

The printing industry is all too measured by the developments in printing technology. Ultimately, however, postpress determines the quality, quality and effectiveness of a print production. All the more exciting the Over the Skype conversation between Volker Leonhardt, President and Member of the Board, Müller Martini AG, with Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH. From the provider of mass production solutions i. e. in the newspaper sector, the solution provider based in Zofingen, Switzerland, has become a top player in on-demand and short run productions. Target markets range from on-demand productions to the manufacture of digitally printed books. Made in Switzerland is becoming a quality mark all over the world. What sounds like squaring the circle is explained by Volker Leonhardt as a logical consequence of turning to Industry 4.0. The digital know-how is used in new, ultimate solutions and in the handling of services and spare parts delivery. --- Die Druckbranche misst sich all zu sehr an den Entwicklungen in der Drucktechnik. Doch letztlich bestimmt die Weiterverarbeitung die Güte, Qualität und Wirkungsweise einer Druckproduktion. Umso spannender die Over the Skype-Konversation von Volker Leonhardt, President and Member of the Board, Müller Martini AG, mit Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH. Vom Anbieter von auf Massenproduktion ausgelegten Lösungen v. a. im Zeitungsbereich hat sich der in Zofingen, Schweiz, beheimatete Lösungsbieter zum Top-Player bei On-Demand und Short Run-Produktionen. Zielmärkte sind anspruchsvolle Produktionen bis bin zum Fertigen von Büchern. Made in Switzerland wird zum Gütezeichen in aller Welt. Was wie die Quadratur des Kreises klingt, erläutert Volker Leonhardt als logische Konsequenz in der Hinwendung zu Industrie 4.0. Das Digital-Knowhow findet Anwendung bei neuen, ultimativen Produkten/Lösungen und im Handling der Services und Ersatzteillieferung. LinkedIn profile

Fri May 29th


Douglas Gibson · Infigo Software · Learn...

Douglas Gibson is the Managing Director of Infigo Software in the UK. In this 'Learn with Us' session he talks about the processes you should consider before investing in Web-to-Print. What we really like about his presentation is his use of "dreams" vs "reality" approach - it inspired us, what do you think?

Wed April 27th


Doron Lerner · Owner · S.LERNER · Durst ...

Doron Lerner is an Israeli printer offering extensive label services. From Flexo jobs to short run digital S.Lerner printing services every major sector in the label market from food to household to packaging. He describes the complexity of supporting manny product lines and explains how they work with the clients for the best result.

Mon February 22nd


Don’t get left at the Station!

The train is rolling. If you are convinced that inkjet is the future, why not join us and learn how you can optimise the result and make the print run efficient. Let us share our experience on working with hundreds of applications and printers worldwide and help you to find the correct paper for your customer’s job.

Mon February 22nd


Don’t forget about the finishing!

Whether in offset or digital printing: the production process of a print product does not end with printing. Suitable finishing equipment contributes significantly to the added value of the final product. The market demands finishing solutions that keep pace with the variability, format diversity and output of modern inkjet systems in an industrial scale. We present various solutions and business cases for softcover, hardcover and magazine production that fully meet the requirements of individualized mass production in an industrial environment - in line to the Muller Martini strategy of "Finishing 4.0".

Thu May 16th


Don Kallil · Chief Vision Officer (and o...

When we spoke with Chris Manley from GraphCo before going to Verdant, he said we would be intrigued by the owner, Don Kallil - and yes - that's an understatement. When you step into the company, you realize this is different. In a way, it's an in-plant because the technology is specifically acquired to serve Don Kallils's design business - another story and a fantastic story - but for now, let's stick to Verdant. Going from a small DI machine to an 8-color RMGT machine is impossible. You see every day, but then again, having an owner who calls himself Chief Vision Officer reflects quite well that visions, ideas, innovation, and a lovely personality define Don Kallil. Super friendly staff, beautiful products, and a happy RMGT customer - but dig into the story and listen for yourself.

Tue January 21st


Does Ricoh Show Split Personality? · Pat...

Obviously not. This is a brilliant example of what happens when printing on Ricoh's 7XXX series where you can add white ink to your print. Print Sample TV host Pat McGrew is truly impressed with the samples delivered by our friends out of Ricoh.

Sat October 22nd


Docutrim Demonstrated · Paul J Steinke ·...

At PRINTING United, the exhibitors showed more gear than earlier, which was the case for Standard Finishing. In this film, we get a great chat with the Director of Sales, Paul J. Steinke, about the market and products, and we end with a walk-through of the Docutrim to see and understand what it does.

Thu May 19th


Docus sells Ricoh and Digital Signage So...

Docus is the biggest exhibitor at this year's Sign, Print & Promotion exhibition in Helsinki, Finland. In this interview, I get the chance to talk to Jari Kunnas who is one of the owners - and besides the interesting products from Ricoh and MultiCam, I was surprised to learn how Docus is bringing Samsung displays through their resellers to market to enable both print and e-signage. Great to see when companies embrace technology and use their knowledge, skills, and network to enable continuing growth!