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Mon May 25th


Andreas Weber · Value Trendradar & ...

In this Learn With Us session, Andreas Weber explains how to use Social Media, as well as a bit of history. Great presentation that gives you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of it. Andreas Weber is heading INKISH D-A-CH as well as his own Value Trendradar.

Wed April 22nd


Andreas Weber · Over The Skype · ValueCo...

Andreas Weber has been a voice in the printing industry for many years. A man with strong opinions, and seen by some as controversial. In this, 'Over the Skype' session, he explains his background, and the values his communication is based upon. Just a few days before this recording Andreas Weber sends an open love letter to the printing community about his relationship to Heidelberg through many years. You can find the story here: It's in German, but it is easy to understand with Google Translate. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Wed September 28th


Andreas Fischer · Product Specialist Fol...

Andreas Fischer is one of Horizon's Product Specialists, specializing in folding. In this film, Andreas Fischer explains the AFV566 folding machine that brings automation to a new level. Setup time is minimal, and watching skilled people see the presentation is fun - they almost don't believe their own eyes. Enjoy the presentation yourself - it is in so so German, but I will get English subtitles shortly!

Fri July 1st


Andreas Bluhm & Herbert Jesse Web...

You see the marking every day. When you buy anything in a construction market each piece is printed with size, description, and a bar code - and in Europe, quite a few of the printers printing this come from Weber Marking Systems. For years they have used the Seiko Printheads and it seems to be a growing market as more and more can now be marked using inkjet. LinkedIn Profile: Andreas Bluhm Herbert Jesse

Wed April 27th


Andre Soterio · Head of Sales Labels EME...

Andre Soterio of ACTEGA describes their range of adhesives and coatings for the Label and packaging sectors of print. Their global footprint for production allows country-specific products to meet local regulations. Any printer in this space needs to have the right solutions for the variety of substrates their printing presses can manufacture.

Thu May 25th


André Schlösser · Marketing Manager · Im...

They are best known for their photo book technology and machines; we are of course talking about the Swiss-based Imaging solutions. The Fespa show was the chosen location for the launch of their new canvas mounting machine and systems. A very sympathetic André Schlösser is happy to give us some more details, who they are and what they do. Cool talk and super high-quality photo books to show for it.

Mon May 15th


Andre D’Urbano · RISO · Graphics C...

RISO has, for many years, developed some of the fastest inkjet printers in the industry. In this interview with VP Sales, André D'urbano, he explains that RISO is now emphasizing the inks to offer speed and better quality. Always great to talk to André, so please enjoy!

Thu May 25th


André Albrecht · Digital Solutions Manag...

LinkedIn Profile:

Sat December 3rd


And then the WAR came · Martijn Eier · C...

He could see on satellite photos that Russian troops were being prepared in Belarus. A plane was canceled as the cabin crew and pilots refused to fly to Ukraine. He was under the impression that a war in the 2020s would be a cyber war. He and his team hoped for the best but planned for the worst. Here is the story about managing a global software company being attacked by Russia. Very emotional, very good, learn! LinkedIn Profile:

Thu February 8th


AMS Spectral UV@Argos Inspiration Days ·...

AMS Spectral is one of the leading manufactures of LED-UV lamps for a range of printing machines. Meet AMS at in Brussels - can't wait :-)

Sun March 4th


AMS Spectral UV on Merging with Baldwin

AMS Spectral UV was acquired by Baldwin Technology Company almost a year ago and INKISH got the opportunity to go to River falls in Wisconsin to talk to President Steve Metcalf and more people from the company that used to be known as Air Motion Systems. AMS Spectral UV is one of the world's leading developers of LED-UV curing systems and has been extremely successful over the past years. In this film, we get an insight into the potentials the acquisitions give AMS and also how it has influenced Steve Metcalf who has spent a major part of his life in the company. We hope you like the film!

Tue August 15th


AMS Spectral UV on brand new fully equip...

Arriving at the Windles Group headquarters in Thame indicated that this printing company is above most - and we weren't disappointed. Windles Group has specialized in the production of greeting cards and other, well, let's say, more complicated printed products that include covers and other products where you need to go the extra mile to get what you want. The brand new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 printing press is a perfector press. Still, it has built-in multiple curing systems - one is the AMS Spectral UV LED curing system, which we will hear and learn more about as the nice folks from AMS Spectral UV sponsor this INKISH film. The four curing systems on the press give Windles Group options to pick the right dryer or the right combination of driers to create stunning prints with PMS colors, foil, embossing, even metal dust, and more. Miles Podmore is the 3rd. Generation, head of production, has a new engineering degree and is now very pleased about his job, where he can combine his education with his passion for hands-on production. Super nice visit - and shout out to Jack Fischer - our new filmer - who filmed this project - Ziga still mastered the editing :-)

Wed January 19th


American made fabrics and sustainability...

Ken Bach is Business Development Director for Aberdeen Fabrics in North Carolina, USA. The company exhibit at EFI Connect 2022 and use this opportunity to promote American-made fabrics, but also very much a sustainability agenda.

Sat October 22nd


Amazing Possibilities with MultiCam Rout...

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems acquired MultiCam recently, and at their huge booth at PRINTING United 2022, they showcase both Kongsberg and MultiCam products. In this film, we get a chance to learn from Router Product Manager Russel Boudria, who shows what's possible and explains the difference between the different MultiCam offerings! Excellent samples in our minds!

Mon September 17th


Amazing Growth in 2018 and it doesn̵...

Sagen de Jonge is CEO of Tilia Labs - a company that we have already covered a few times here on INKISH.TV. We met him at Albelli in The Netherlands recently and asked him about the very nearby future. It seems that the company is busy and not resting on their laurels. With a 100% growth in 2018 and an appetite for more in 2019, we look forward to following this exciting company. Listen to Sagen de Jonge here.

Wed September 21st


All Plants Uses OMET Technology · Vito V...

Vito Vicino is the Production Manager of Eurostampa North America. In this interview filmed at OMET's booth at LabelExpo-Americas 2022, he talks about how satisfied he is with the technology. He also explains how Europstampa has grown since his first arrival at the printing company. Nice story!

Wed August 8th


All I say is just an opinion – The...

With the new Richard Askam Channel opinions will be said. Opinions about philosophy, business, marketing and who knows even some personal insights? The episodes will be published monthly, take about 10-12 minutes each and will end with a question. The question you should ask your colleagues, your customers, or even better - yourself. This is group therapy at a high level. Richard Askam is a keynote speaker, a writer and always ready to discuss. Not the types of discussions with conclusions or already established arguments - but more the kind of discussions that will leave both you and Richard open to any further discussion. This is what The Richard Askam Channel is all about. Be inspired, be generous, give back, be inspired, spread the word and let’s build a better print world. A better world can only be made if opinions are shared freely and open - and with the new Richard Askam channel all opinions matters - are you game?

Wed September 13th


All digital and super integrated Convert...

Dennis Ebeltoft participated in one of several CERM pane debates during LabelExpo. His company, Springfield, decided years ago to be a 100% digital label Converter, and he speaks about how they have built up workflow around CERM, ABG, Screen, and ESKO. Ebeltoft also explains how they started with several Indigo's and how moving to inkjet with the Screen 350UV and an integrated ABG finishing line today allows the company to operate print and finishing with only one operator. Enjoy!

Sat May 27th

En Zh-Hans

Alisa Xu · Overseas Sales Manager · Blue...

Chinese language - English subtitles LinkedIn Profile:

Mon July 4th


Aliasgar Eranpurwala · Seiko Instuments ...

Ali Eranpurwala leads the printhead division of Seiko. In this interview, we get an idea of the potential with inkjet and Seiko, but also why Seiko Open Week is a recurring and important event. Enjoy!

Sat September 11th


Ali Ridha Jaffar · Vice President · Sync...

Ali Ridha Jaffar is the VP of Syncoms Group in the UK. The company is a commercial printing company, but Jaffar has also become a recognized presenter at numerous EFI Storefront presentations. The great thing about listening to a customer talking about any software is the passion. It's also to understand that there are steep learning curves with all solutions - and as Ali Ridha Jaffar says in this interview, it's not about setting up the prices and the designs and the flow, but how your web presence can get you even more successful. Ali Ridha Jaffar's LinkedIn profile.

Fri May 29th


Ali Jason Bazooband · Print24 · Learn Wi...

Imagine. Europe's fifth-largest online-printer isn't even a printing company - or at least not anymore. In this 'Learn With Us' session, Ali Jason Bazooband explains how the printing company moved from having own operation, to a source with 60+ printing companies in a quite unusual business model. Print24 or Unitedprinters own equity placed with printing companies spread all over Europe. The conversation was originally about outsourcing, and yes - printers still source with Print24, and both suppliers and print24 is able to make a margin based on this business model. Amazing story, enjoy!

Wed September 20th


Alfonso Garcia Laiz · Fujifilm · C!Print...

Fujifilm is showing both their POD solutions as their large format equipment at C!Print Madrid. Alfonso Garcia gives his take on the POD portfolio on their booth.

Sat May 27th

En Zh-Hans

Alan Ai · General Manager · Dilcan · FES...

Chinese language - English subtitles