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Thu May 6th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Bodo Junge · Fast Forward · Home Deliver...

I had dinner with my family. And in fact, we ordered a home delivery. One lesson is 'nothing is as constant as change'. This is the MASTERCUT 106 PER. And the MASTERCUT is special for two reasons. It can put more than 50 million sheets on the floor in a year. Then it is equipped with functions to liberate the operator from manual work. It has a very high degree of automation. But in the end, it's all about quality, cost and time. I think the best strategy is to establish your own future yourself. So, it links the tool with the die-cutting machine. And you can see in this picture there's a little front of the tool. There's a very little RFID chip. The tool can be linked directly to the correct recipient. So that the operator does not need to look into the many thousand recipients which might be existing on a die-cutter machine. Or the good one. Quality is not negotiable. So, the question is how to ensure that the right quality comes out of a particular machine. The ACCUCHECK is not only able to check the text, or the color, or the completeness of the print. But it is also able to quality control and embossing or de-bossing. And metallized surface. DIT means Digital Inspection Table. It also takes the original layout, and it produces with projectors a digital image on the table surface. I took it because we are also working on new digital-cutting solutions. So that I can introduce some digital BOBST laser cutter. The Swiss Chalet is a restaurant. And coming back to our food delivery, which we talked about in the beginning. How to get out of the pandemic is also the outlook. We will be all ready to go back to our famous restaurant. And have a beer together and enjoy it together.

Wed July 24th


Birddogs Unpack Stories With Print · Pri...

No question that printed packaging is a growing business. In this 26th episode of Print Sample TV, host Pat McGrew shows you a corrugated box printed on both sides making the unboxing an experience as well. In the 'case' the box comes from Birddogs who use the inner side of the box to present customer testimonials. Great idea, and with digital print, this is even an opportunity with short run. We like it! Do you?

Fri November 27th

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Best Virtual Event in 2020 · Jos Steutel...

Technology development in the graphics arts sector is in full expansion. Smart factory, Print Industrie 4.0 focuses on digital technologies that stimulate the inter-connectivity between printing companies, promote and bring them together with “strategic” partners. Classic models that acted as intermediaries between supply and demand, buyers and sellers, are being replaced by scenarios of transparent networked digital technology. The result: Suppliers, producers and consumers find each other (to a large extent) automatically. Business processes, services, product offering and communication will also become transparent and interactive in equal measure. What does this mean in concrete terms for the graphics industry in the Benelux and in Europe? INTERVIEW with some of the speakers at the VIGC congress 2020 Jan De Roeck (Marketing Director ESKO) Dirk Deroo ( Founder & CEO Dataline solutions) Toon Van Rossum ( Product Manager Enfocus) Jos Steutelings ( Managing Director VIGC ) *Next year’s VIGC CONGRESS is scheduled for October 14th 2021. --- NL: De technologieontwikkeling in de grafische sector is in volle expansie. Smart factory, Print Industrie 4.0 legt de focus op digitale technologieën die de inter-connectiviteit van grafische bedrijven onderling, en die met “strategische” partners bevorderen en samenbrengen. Klassieke modellen die fungeerden als intermediair tussen vraag en aanbod, kopers en verkopers, worden vervangen door scenario’s van transparant genetwerkte digitale technologie. Het resultaat: Leveranciers, producenten en consumenten vinden elkaar (voor een groot deel) automatisch. Bedrijfsprocessen, diensten, productaanbod en communicatie worden in gelijke mate ook transparant en interactief. Wat betekent dit nu concreet voor de grafische industrie in de Benelux en in Europa? INTERVIEW met enkele sprekers van het VIGC congres 2020 Jan De Roeck (Marketing Director ESKO) Dirk Deroo ( Founder & CEO Dataline solutions) Toon Van Rossum ( Product Manager Enfocus) Jos Steutelings ( Managing Director VIGC ) * Het VIGC-CONGRES van volgend jaar staat gepland op 14 oktober 2021.

Thu October 28th


Bernhard Schaaf in Conversations with Ro...

Conversations are among our most popular formats on INKISH, and in this episode, the member of the manroland sheetfed board Bernhard Schaaf takes time to share his insights with Robert Godwin. LinkedIn Profile

Wed June 10th


Bernhard Cantzler · Over the Skype · MON...

Over the Skype with Bernhard Cantzler, Head of Marketing & Innovation UFP, Mondi Group Based in Vienna, Austria, Bernhard Cantzler is an excellent, internationally experienced specialist in print, packaging, marketing & communication in the digital age. During his studies he came into contact with Mondi in Russia. He had his first professional experience at Mondi with paper for digital printing, especially for inkjet productions. Andreas Weber, CEO / Country Manager INKISH D-A-CH, was particularly interested in this over the Skype conversation: Your tasks have expanded considerably in recent years. And especially now with COVID-19: What are you currently doing? How does that affect the market? What does the postponing of drupa 2020 mean for M? How do you see digital and analog? What influence does digitalization have on your work? What trends do you see and what influence does or will it have on Mondi’s offer? Note: As with all of our “Over the Skype” interviews, the picture / sound quality is based on the available bandwidth and the respective web cams as well as the possibility to literally conduct the conversations LIVE. Despite everything, it works amazingly well and with Over the Skype we have brought together far more than 50 special personalities so far and give insights into the industry as it currently is. Enjoy! Over the Skype mit Bernhard Cantzler, Head of Marketing & Innovation UFP, Mondi Group Blick nach Wien: Bernhard Cantzler ist ein exzellenter, international erfahrener Fachmann in Sachen Print, Packaging, Marketing & Kommunikation im Digitalzeitalter. Schon während des Studiums kam er in Russland mit Mondi in Kontakt. Seine ersten beruflichen Erfahrungen machte er bei Mondi mit Papier für den Digitaldruck, gerade auch für Inkjet-Produktionen. Folgendes interessierte Andreas Weber, CEO/Country Manager INKISH D-A-CH, ganz besonders in diesem Over the Skype-Gespräch: In den letzten Jahren haben sich ihre Aufgaben stark erweitert. Und speziell jetzt durch COVID-19: Was beschäftigt Sie derzeit? Wie wirkt sich das auf den Markt aus? Was bedeutet für Mondi die Verschiebung der drupa? In welchem Verhältnis sehen Sie digital und analog? Welchen Einfluss hat die Digitalisierung auf Ihre Arbeit? Welche Trends sehen Sie und welchen Einfluss zeigt oder wird es zeigen auf das Angebot von Mondi? Hinweis: Wie bei allen unseren “Over the Skype”-Interviews richtet sich die Bild-/Ton-Qualität nach verfügbarer Bandbreite und den jeweiligen Web-Cams aus sowie der Möglichkeit, die Konversationen buchstäblich LIVE zu führen. Es funktioniert trotz allem erstaunlich gut und mit Over the Skype bringen wir bis dato weit mehr als 50 besondere Persönlichkeiten zusammen und geben Einblicke in die Branche, wie sie derzeit ist. Viel Spaß!

Fri April 24th

Bernd Zipper · Over The Skype · ZIPCON C...

Bernd Zipper is a well-known name in the printing industry. With his ZIPCON Consulting out of Germany, the writer, consultant, keynote speaker, event organizer, and more, have influenced the printing industry more than most. With a dedicated focus on online printing as well as the newest and latest technologies, how to bring print forward - you can be sure that Bernd Zipper and his team are on the forefront. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Fri April 29th


Benoit Chatelard · President & CEO ...

INKISH loves to hear about opinions and strategies from industry leaders. In this too short interview with Benoit Chatelard, President of Flint group Digital & Xeikon CEO we get to hear about the importance and relevance of the different printing technologies they bring to the market and why they are doing a show like Xeikon Café. A great interview in an open spirit and I feel confident that we will have more interesting stories and initiatives from XEIKON to report on in the future! Enjoy!

Wed May 23rd

Benelux Online Print Event · Brussels, B...

The Benelux Online Print Event is an event that as the title implies is about online printing. The Keynote is by Bernd Zipper who is one of the most recognized knowledge providers from the online printing industry - author, keynote speaker, event owner (The Online Symposium) and more. Many speakers - both local and international - are present at this exciting day in Brussels, that will be covered by INKISH.TV. We hope to see you! Read more about event:

Fri February 26th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Beltz Grafische Betriebe Invest in Digit...

In this film, Michael Tuchscher from Beltz Grafische Betriebe explains what considerations and why they ended up investing in a Hunkeler and HP-T-series solution. With the Hunkeler investment, Beltz can produce book blocks that can be handled in the company's binding department, and, well - judge for yourself - but it looks pretty cool! This film was made for our Learn With Us Inkjet series and is recorded remotely.

Wed October 20th


Beaver Group Outlook · Tobias Sternbeck ...

We get better acquainted with some of their offerings and ask about their economic outlook for the coming years. Interesting points of view to hear from an important player in this segment. Do check it out. LinkedIn Profile:

Fri May 1st


Beatrice Klose · Over The Skype · INTERG...

Beatrice Klose is the Secretary-General for INTERGRAF based in Brussels, Belgium. Intergraf organises 20 European Print Federations and do an extremely important job concerning both servicing the local federations, but maybe even more important representing the printing industry concerning legislation suggested by the European Commission. In this 'Over the Skype' session, Beatrice Klose explains the work of Intergraf, which we find is way undervalued - so please enjoy and share. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Fri January 21st


Be Online or Go Away · Joe Fedor · eProd...

The MarketDirect Storefront (MDSF) is described by channel sales manager Joe Fedor. Boasting a flexible UX and simple integration with any of the eProductivity workflow and management solutions, MDSF is scalable e-commerce for small to medium size print service providers as well as enterprise web-to-print customer integration. It is also API enabled for integration with third party MIS systems.

Fri May 7th

Babies, Napkins, and photo books –...

Amazing to see the print samples from Kodak. In this Print Sample TV episode, your host Pat McGrew shows print samples printed on various substrates, even plastic materials. Kodak offers both print heads to be installed in a hybrid setup with offset and presses to deliver stunning results. In this Print Sample TV episode, you will see it all.

Thu February 15th

Axode@Argos Inspiration Days · March 6th...

Quality and consistency are two key issues in any print application. With Axode's high-speed camera and registration, systems quality is assured. Axode delivers solutions for various kind of print equipment. Meet them at

Tue May 22nd

AUTOMATISERING – Smart drift god f...

Grakom indbyder i samarbejde med Medit Consult til årets tekniske konference med oplæg fra en række danske og internationale fagspecialister. De senere år har vi været vidne til banebrydende forretningskoncepter, der grundlæggende tilbyder grafiske produkter, men som har vendt op og ned på den grafiske branche. De mest banebrydende grafiske forretningskoncepter baserer sig på et gennemautomatiseret workflow. Den grafiske branche har være udsat for disruption længe før, det ord blev daglig tale. Intet af det var imidlertid blevet realiseret, hvis ikke en lang række processer var blevet automatiseret. På konferencens indlæg belyses det forretningsmæssige potentiale af professionelle forretningsudviklere, krydret med cases fra virksomheder der har gjort det i praksis. Sideløbende ser konferencen indad i den grafiske virksomhed og sætter klassiske optimeringsgevinster som effektivisering, fejlminimering og kvalitetssikring i nyt lys. INKISH er mediapartner og vil dække konferencen. Læs mere og tilmeld dig på:

Sun December 6th


Automation philosophy, stages to automat...

In this session Robert F. Godwin will share his insights into the following VERY exciting topics. Generic description of the philosophy, strategy and technology required to automate stages of print workflow. How automation can play into using Gamification for employees (philosophy). Business benefits in regard to efficiency and profitability. Business challenges in regard to technology resource to maintain automation.

Tue November 2nd


Automation Journey with Ultimate TechnoG...

Sendmoments is a German photo-products printing company specialized in the products of copy one. In this film, CMO Sven B. Binder from explains how the company uses Ultimate TechnoGraphics in its production. Great film and good learn from - enjoy! LinkedIn Profile

Sun December 6th


Automation Journey & Software Mix ·...

This is ‘real people’ from Bennett Graphics, talking about how they found themselves where they are today. This is how Adam Seiz and Dan Still started considering massive changes to the software mix four years ago. This is how they switched their MIS, picked up Switch, NOPcommerce, and a handful of other tools, and in this session, Dan and Adam would like to discuss the thought process behind why we made our choices. Here are some of the points they will be touching: Knowing where you are at as a company in regards to technology and how to evaluate this properly. What types of tech is best for your particular company, and how to discover this? How to add “Best in Class” software while keeping your tech stack flexible B-to-B storefronts How to pick the right one? Are online B-to-B storefronts profitable? Can they be fully automated? Automation starts from the top down. Automation is EASY; people present issues with automation. How to introduce automation to a plant that has little or no automation When is it the right time, and what are the needs for custom development in automation, rather than buying a “Boxed” solution

Wed February 9th


Automation is still uphill · Freddy Piet...

Freddy Pieters from Enfocus is a very straightforward specialist. In this interview with editor Morten B. Reitoft, he reveals that many PSPs continue to see automation as difficult in their business. Enfocus has for years paved its way into thousands of printing companies with PitStop and later on Switch. The challenge is, of course, taking automation and workflow into the next step - it's a profitability opportunity and maybe the essential step to be on par with all the printing companies already there!

Tue November 5th

Automation & Awards · Adam Seiz · D...

Once in a while, you meet printing companies that stand out from the crowd, and one of them is for sure Bennett Graphics in Atlanta, GA. The printing company is a family-owned company, and the first things that strike you when you enter the building are the awards. Every wall is covered with awards recognizing Bennett Graphics for its excellence in printing. That established the next thing is what makes the company stand out. The litho printing machine? No. The Scodix? No. The Highcon? No. HP Indigos? No. Since we are sponsored by Enfocus to talk with Adam Seiz about Enfocus Switch, of course, this is part of the success, but the people are the real differentiators. So when you meet dedication and a commitment on all levels, you understand how technology is used to utilize the work, the quality, the awards, and the special touch that makes Bennett Graphics not just famous in Georgia, but among customers in the entire US. In this film, we do, however, focus on workflow and automation, and Bennett Graphics is a transformation process moving from analogue to digital. One thing is the production. But the entire workflow where Enfocus Switch is used to connect the web-store-fronts to the production workflow, to the two-ways integration to the Tharstern MIS system, and to how the company also uses Switch to increase the productivity internally in sales/estimation/production. Adam Seiz is certain that Enfocus Switch is one of the technical key-elements in the success of Bennett Graphics, and when said by Adam Seiz, we believe him. Watch this - in our opinion - brilliant video from Atlanta. We are sure you can learn from it.

Wed July 4th

Automation – how to create a compe...

Thomas Torp is not only CEO for the Federation of Printers in Denmark (Grakom) but also a newly elected member of Intergraf's steering committee. We got a chance to talk with him at the recent conference in Denmark about 'automation'. The interview is in Danish.

Sat May 5th

At PRINT®18 Seth Godin is one of the spe...

Sometimes we like to underplay communication and maybe Seth Godin sometimes would like to be recognized for more than his 'Purple Cow' book that has become a tremendously important book for many people. Seth Godin is one of the speakers at PRINT®18 in Chicago and this is just a little tribute to both APTech for getting Seth Godin to Chicago and also a tribute to Seth Godin for his important work.

Thu May 30th


Aros Bookbindery · The End · Jenny Holmé...

Back in 2014, we met Jenny Holmén for the very first time. She didn't have a history in the printing industry nor any knowledge about running a bindery - however, that didn't stop her and her associated to invest in one of the bigger binderies in Sweden. We were and still are very fascinated with this story that has been told in three films - where this is the last film. It's the last film under all circumstances since Aros Bokbinderi was sold to a competitor at the beginning of 2019. Jenny Holmén and her team have put tremendous work into developing the bindery but had to conclude that it was a too big mouthful. Moving the equipment from one location to a new required far more money than anticipated and at the same time, a couple of important clients went bankrupt and left Aros with not only a loss but also a decreased turnover. This last film was recorded at PrintNext18 but not published until now - and in the film CEO Jenny Holmén openly tell about some of the problems they faced. Now Aros Bokbinderi is no longer owned by Jenny Holmén, Carl Arnesson, and Bo Roger Sandberg. On a more personal note, it's always sad when people that try to bring fresh blood to the industry don't succeed. The team had a plan and we have in both films and articles stressed that the willingness and risk taken from these three people are based on a professional way of running a business. Among the changes the staff experienced was self-management - and many more new exciting ways of operating a business. R.I.P.

Fri July 1st


Arne Ditscher · Cadis @ #SeikoOpenWeek20...

Truly great to talk to Arne Ditscher from Cadis - who we met for the first time in our #LearnWithUs webinar about Inkjet last year. At Seiko Open Week 2022, Arne Ditscher showed how Cadis can help customers develop industrial inkjet solutions enabling print on numerous surfaces, even 3D surfaces, and more. One of the VERY interesting this is an Inkjet simulator Cadis is developing. Imagine a database with printheads, inks, and even substrates with all the properties you can imagine. Now the emulator can take an object and emulate what printheads and inks are best for this particular application. An amazing software, and as you can understand, software that can cut down development time, and cost!