Wed January 16th

PrintPack India 2019 teaser · INKISH wil...

PrintPack India is one of the larger print exhibitions in the world. 6 halls, more than 480 exhibitors and thousands of visitors - and for the first time INKISH will cover PrintPack India - give you the stories, the insights, and interviews with industry leaders. Stay tuned. PrintPack India takes place Feb 1st to Feb 6th,​ 2019 in Greater Noida, India.

Thu April 27th

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Fri April 10th


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: CEO Esben Mo...

Lasertryk.dk has in the past years become the absolute lightning tower in the Danish and even in the Scandinavian printing industry, so what wouldn't be more natural than paying them a visit. CEO Esben Mols Kabell explain about how he and his partner Anders Groenborg started and how they got to where they are today. Esben Mols Kabell also gives his views on the investments they have done in Heidelberg H-UV, his view on Inkjet - and since this text is updated October 2016, we now know that Lasertryk.dk decided to invest in a HP T-240 printer. Watch or re-watch this great episode - and which was one of the very first episodes on INKISH.TV.

Fri April 10th

INKISH.TV præsenterer: Dakabo og Litka D...

Et portræt af den usædvanlige danske bogbinder Litka Dalgaard Jespersen og hendes virksomhed Dakabo. Litka har vundet flere internationale grafiske priser for hendes fremragende arbejde. Se interviewet og de flotte gamle maskiner, der stadig er i fuldt vigør i faciliteterne på Glimvej, tæt på Roskilde.

Mon May 11th


INKISH.TV presents: Printvis by Novavisi...

Printvis is one of the industries most comprehensive ERP/MIS solution for the graphical industry, made by Novavision A/S. Printvis handles estimates, planning, salaries, inventory, finance, budgets, reporting, purchasing and more… In this program we meet the people behind Printvis, general manager and co-owner manager Kasper Tomshøj and employees of Novavision. Novavision, which means New Vision, was founded in 1997. Based on Microsoft Dynamics a new MIS system tailormade for the graphic industry Printvis has been developed. Printvis is a calculation and resource planning system that should bring ease to printers. Planning and pricing of complex graphical products regardless of production technology. Novavision has grown ever since and is today represented in many different markets and even operate their own subsidiaries in Norway, USA and with a head quarter in Denmark. Several hundrede printers world wide today rely on Novavisions software. Novavision is developing a standard software solution that afterwards is developed further according to customers specific requirements and needs. www.printvis.com

Wed April 15th


INKISH.TV presents Heidi Graff RR Print

Please welcome CEO Heidi Graff from RR Print. RR Print is a Scandinavian distributor of printing equipment and consumables. Heidi Graff explains why both producers and customers should appreciate local representation...

Mon May 4th


INKISH.TV presents: Xerox at Gulf Print ...

At the recent Gulf Print & Pack 2015 Xerox presented the CP1000. Or to be more precise re-launched the CP1000 with the option to use Gold or Silver toner. For Xerox the metallic toner is a first and as you can see from the samples, the gold and silver really adds a nice touch to the print.

Mon May 18th


INKISH.TV presents: There is something o...

Inkish.tv want viewers. Inkish.tv want Likes. Inkish.tv wants to be shared and we want to inspire your business. Inkish.tv is about people, companies and technology in the printing industry. We like you, please like us.

Thu May 28th


INKISH.TV presents: The new industrial r...

D2M Solutions is a Dubai based company, that focuses on 3D technologies. Not only as a hardware and software supplier, but also offering the services around 3D and maybe what trigged INKISH.TV the most - a 3D printing facility in industrial scale. Take a step into this amazing world and we are certain that you can't be anything but inspired.

Wed June 10th

INKISH.TV presents: Printing and Packagi...

The Chinese printing industry can't be underestimated in its impact on the global printing industry. We spoke to some of the Chinese exhibitors at the recent Gulf Print & Pack 2015.

Wed June 24th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Lasse Svärd ...

Please welcome Marketing Manager and Co-Owner Lasse Svärd from Gafs Kartong, Sweden. Gafs Kartong is the first customer in Scandinavia who have bought the Highcon Euclid laser die cutting machine. The machine is truly amazing as well as the company who expect and foresee growth with this add on to the company's extensive range of equipment!

Mon August 17th


What is INKISH all about? Well here you'll see a short presentation of our info channel. Really hope you like what you see...

Tue August 4th


INKISH.TV presents: Postoffi – the...

Meet Maris Kasparrovics from Postoffi, a small company located in Riga, Latvia. The company have specialized in producing paper bags and envelopes mostly by hand or only slightly assisted by machines.

Fri September 4th


INKISH.TV presents: Fairs & Shows &#...

Ricoh, Canon and Epson share their opinions about about trade shows and fairs for the graphic arts industry. What's the difference between international fairs and local fairs?

Wed September 30th


INKISH.TV presents GraphExpo ’15 &...

GraphExpo is one of the most important exhibitions in the industry. Compared to the much bigger DRUPA, GraphExpo is more relaxed, but never the less important. People meet, do business and enjoy being inspired by great technology, great people and lots of a-ha experiences... We will very soon bring more exciting coverage of GraphExpo 2015.

Fri October 9th


INKISH.TV presents: GraphExpo ’15 ...

INKISH reports from GraphExpo 2015 in Chicago. In part two you'll see a lot of software and among others meet EFI, Enfocus, Opensoft Scissorhands, Xerox and Printvis.